Best Websites to Compare Price of Mobiles, Laptops etc. – Top 7

Online shopping is becoming very popular these days, most of the people prefer to shop online as online shopping sites offers their products at huge discounts and with offers too, doing online shopping saves time and money also. You are one of them too. Right? In future there will be plenty of online shopping sites with awesome products, prices and with more attractive offers. There are many people who use to compare and check the prices of product in different sites, so that he can get the best deal and offers related to that product. Even I too do that.

Right now there are many online shopping sites which offers mobiles, laptops etc. at great prices. In this article I am going to tell you about top 8 websites to compare price of mobiles. Laptops, etc. before buying so that you can get it at best price and with amazing offers too.

My Smart Price:

MySmartPrice is on the top of my list because according to me it is one of the best price comparing website. I personally use this website to compare prices of different products so that I can get it at best price. My Smart Price has almost prices of all the mobile handsets and laptops, they are placed according to their manufacturer, and this makes the website user friendly. A user can search his product without any difficulty. First of all you have to select the particular category then you have to choose the brand you like and then the price….after selecting all these you will get the exact product you are searching for. Now you can compare the price of the product which you have selected with different online shopping sites. There is one great feature of this website, you will get the alert if the price of the product which you have selected have fallen. This great online shopping site also have a separate page for its amazing deals in which it will show you the latest deals that are available on the products.

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The second best online store in my list is Compare Raja. In the terms of interface this website has a great user interface which makes a user to search his product with ease. Compare Raja has their search bar. By using that search bar you can search the product which you are searching for and in some milliseconds it will show you the price of the product. Search results will also show you the name of online store which will offer you the lowest price of that product, it will also show you the price of each site which will be written in front of that site’s name. You can also see the specs, reviews, photos and features of the selected product with a video review of it and if you choose to buy the product immediately then this site will give you a discount coupon with the price tag. Compare Raja also gives you a service in which you can leave your email id and set your target price of the product and once your selected product reaches the target price they will immediately send you an e-mail and then you can buy that product according to your preferences.

MakkhiChoose plugin:

Basically MakkhiChoose is not an online shopping website. It is a plugin of chrome browser which alerts you on a shopping page on a website along with others lowest price of that product available on the web. I have included this plugin because this is a very useful and helpful plugin for those users who do lot of online shopping. The only drawback of MakkhiChoose plugin is that this plugin is available and useful only for Indian shoppers and currently the plugin is pulling off the prices from 8 different online shopping sites in India and the sites are homeshop18, flipkart,, naaptol ,indiaplaza etc.

To Download This Addon Click HERE (Chrome)

To Download This Addon Click HERE (Firefox)

Junglee is also one of the most popular indian site to compare the price of the different products. Junglee offers different products and it also lets you to compare the prices of electronics products, clothing materials, watches, books, shoes, sports equipment’s, personal products and much more. Junglee is a product of Amazon Company so it is also very trusted online shopping site and it helps the Indian customers to compare the prices of different products easily. Junglee has vast collection of products it has more than 1.9 crore products from more than 15000 brands.

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Smartprix is a nice tool which is generally made to compare mobile phones. This tool offers a user to select up to 5 mobiles handsets at a time and then he can compare them with a single click. Smartprix is an awesome tool for mobile comparison. In the matter of comapring mobile this tools works perfectly and if you are looking to compare mobiles then I will recommend you to give a try to this tool. is the branch of the company named Bidon Services Pvt. Ltd. This website offers its services to Indian customers only. In starting of this website used to offer different products like iPhone, Dell streak, iPod and holiday trips but now they have added a huge collection of products to their site. is a search engine to get best prices of products, you can also get offers and deals when you register on it. This site can also be used without registering but to get awesome offers you will have to register on it. is one of the best online shopping site which will show you your search result in quick time along with the price and retailer name and it also gives you the option to search your product according to your budget.


91 is one of the best Indian website where a user can get anything and everything about mobile phones. This website gives you full information about the mobile phone you have selected. It gives you specifications, reviews, videos, photos and also manufacturer details. This website also provides you the links of different websites to buy that product which you have selected.

Final Words
So these were the best online price comparing sites, which you can use to get products at best prices. There are many more sites, but these are some of the best websites, thats why I have mentioned them.
If you think you know any other good website to compare prices of products online, then do let me know via comments below. I will love to add it to my list.