Blogging Community - Get Blog Traffic (Review)

 Then main thing on which a blogger focuses is TRAFFIC of his blog. A good blogger becomes good just because of his blog traffic. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog. Driving traffic to blog via Blog Community is more recent and effective way. It improves your blog ranking as well as traffic in quick time and without any much work. If you have already heard about blogging community Blog Engage then I hope that you are much aware of blogging communities. If you are still unaware of blogging communities then do not worry. In this article I will tell you about blogging communities and what benefits you can get when you join a blog community. I will also tell you, how to become familiar with other bloggers over there and how to use it to drive quality traffic to your website without much effort.

There is another blogging community like Blog Engage which is very useful in driving traffic to blog, name of that blogging community is Get Blog Traffic. It provides several benefits to its registered users. One can share their blog on the community not website link but by submitting an article on the site , You can find fellow bloggers of similar niche as yours and you can directly interact with them through messages ( like email ) and rank your website’s authority.

How To Start Dealing With “Get Blog Traffic” Community

As similar to other blogging communities, to use Get Blog Traffic first you have to register with it so that you can proceed further. You can sign up for an account on this site by various ways. You can either register with your Facebook, Email or you can register by using your Twitter account.

Once you have completed all the steps of registration you have to sign in with the same email id and password which you have used while signing up. 

After successful log in fill in the details such as your locality, e-mail address, your home page address, your occupation and your home page address. To make it look more professional you should integrate in all of your social sharing network accounts. Now you can select the categories in which you are interested, select only those categories which you know about. Such as blogging, technology, news etc. which will be under the “Display Settings”. After selecting the categories you can finally hit on the “Save Changes” button to save everything you have done till now. You can also add your social media links, website links to get some free likes or traffic to your website or maybe some followers. You can also add your Facebook Page URL so that you can get likes on it. Remember, people will know you by your profile picture and name, so I will recommend you to add a profile picture to your account. I will also recommend you to add your original profile picture because it will make your account more professional. Never ever add any other useless photos in your profile.

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Below are some other options which are available in your profile.
1. Profile – Shows the complete details about your profile.
2. Messaging – Displays the messages which are Sent/Received to and from bloggers.
3. Settings – As we have discussed above it allows you to fill in the details about you.
4. Following – Displays the people whom you are following.
5. Followers – Lists the bloggers who are following you.

How to Submit Your Blog Posts to “Get Blog Traffic” Community

You can also submit any related post to the blogging community directly when you are logged in. For this you have to click on the submit option which you can find on the top of the webpage. You are then requested to enter different info. before submitting the post and below.

I have explained them that what they actually are.

Unique News URL: This is the URL of your post which you need to share it on this community with the other bloggers.

Story Title: This is very important because when someone visits your URL on their home page then your story title must make them understand the entire concept you are trying to provide. Just try to make it looks straight and simple with one line of title. Don’t use complex words.

Tags: These tags can be used by a user to add a tag along with your post, they can be of any tag such as Android, Download, Blogging, Technology, News etc.

Category: You have to always put your post under the proper category, then only you can get better traffic. Putting your post in wrong category may decrease your blog reputation and might down vote your post.

Description: Description can be more than 100 words and it should provide a brief description about the post that what are you are sharing about. Don’t copy and paste your entire article. Just try to give a brief and straight forward description for your post that should attract users to up vote your post. You should use good grammar and proper use of words. I will also recommend you that do not use any complex words. Be straight to the point and make it looks simple.

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What are Up Votes and Down Votes in Blogging Community?

You can see two hand symbols on your home page next to each post which means up vote and down vote. It is nothing but similar to like and dislike we see on Facebook. If someone likes your post then he/she will up vote it and if someone doesn't then they might down vote your posts. This will not be consistent but will be keep on fluctuating as people click on different votes.

It is more important to get popularity in the blogging community because to get your post to be displayed on the top of the home page then your post must have good number of up votes. To get up votes you can make contact with more blogging friends and form a community yourself which will help you to build the traffic faster and sooner.

Ranking of a post also depends on few other factors such as votes and karma. The Karma is nothing but actually it refers to the number of votes you make to the other posts and it gets increased. Try to interact with more bloggers and best bloggers in the community and you can easily earn good karma by doing that. This blogging community also has a good and effective feature of displaying the top users on the community and if you get a chance to be placed on the list then there is nothing that is going to stop your popularity on the community.

So folks this blogging community surely drives good traffic to your blog. I will strongly recommend you to visit this blogging community 2-3 times a day and be active on it. Here “Active” word indicate to do up voting other posts and also commenting on other posts.

Quick Tips to Get More Votes:

• Use SHARE ICON to share your post on social networking sites. It will appear after submitting your article.
• If you have any friends that are blogger too, then don’t forget to invite them to join this blogging community. They can help you a lot there. You can exchange up votes.
• Your blogger friends can help you in getting traffic to try to build good relations with pro bloggers.

The above is my personal review about the GetBlogTraffic Blogging Community.