Facebook Security Issues - Think Before You Share

 When it comes to social media, the first name which hits a person’s mind is Facebook. Facebook has gained a lot of fame and users than any other social networking website. Every day millions of photos/status/videos are shared over Facebook. But many of Facebook users are unaware of the security hole in Facebook system. The information shared on Facebook can be spied on and exploited in many ways. Every day hackers are finding more ways to hack a Facebook ID. So it's very necessary for a Facebook user to maintain his privacy and to secure his Facebook account.


According to a new research which was conducted in University of Vienna, Facebook has already lost about 11 million users in the United States and Britain. 48.3% of these users had quit Facebook just because of privacy concerns.

There are many ways to secure a Facebook account. Some users change their privacy settings on Facebook to “Friends Only” and they feel that their information is now secured. Some users might set his Privacy Settings to “Only Me”.  However, they doesn't know that there is no Only Me on Facebook itself. Facebook is also a kind of social media platform to share your thoughts and experience with friends, so how can you set your posts privacy to ONLY ME. When someone sets his privacy setting to only me, He thinks that now no one can see his posts. However information is shared with “Facebook” at least and as it turned out recently, probably with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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Your Personal Information is “NOT PERSONAL”

Many users thought that hiding their phone number, username, birthday year, and photos will save them from being hacked. But they doesn't know that their information is always visible to their government, always to criminals, to the hackers and obviously to the advertisers. According to a recent report, 21% of internet users have had their email or social networking account compromised or taken over without permission. 11% have had important personal information stolen such as their Personal Number, credit card number, or information of your bank account.

Criminals and Hackers are actively sifting through the cyber space to use someone’s personal information for activities that are illegal. Anybody who is sharing his/her personal information on Facebook is vulnerable to identity theft.

Now you must be thinking that only criminals and hackers have access to your Facebook account to misuse your account. If you are thinking like this then you are wrong. Recent revelations about the Facebook Privacy had raised a huge public disapproval. It was revealed that the government has direct access to Facebook servers. Everything a user share on Facebook can be accessed and viewed by Government. 

When this question is asked to government that why they are spying on a person privacy, they told that “We do not spy on personal accounts, if we do then we do it to stop Terrorism”. 

Now the question arises that is it acceptable to monitor and access a person’s private information without their consent?

There are a lot of ways by which a Facebook account can be hacked. The most popular way now a days is Facebook Account Hacker Software. Many hackers use this method to hack a Facebook account. They just join groups on Facebook and post in them “Facebook Account Hacker for FREE". Just use this software and easily hack a "Facebook Account for free”. These people also attach a fake photo with it as a proof that this software is working. Some people believe it and download the software. Result which they got is their own FACEBOOK ACCOUNT got HACKED.

I mean there is no one in this world who can make a software which can
hack a Facebook account by just inserting victim username. If there is someone, Mark Zuckerberg would already hired him. Lol...

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There is another famous way of hacking a Facebook account is Phishing. Phishing is done by sharing a link and hackers add a caption with the link like this “Hey Please See This Stunning Free Recharge Website” and they add their Phishing link with it. When a user enters his information in it, his information is sent to hacker and then hackers changes his email and password and gain full control over person’s account. Then he uses to send this link to victims friends and they also click on it because they are unaware that the account from they are getting link is already hacked.

Many users reported bug in Facebook security, but Facebook has not taken a strong step yet to improve user’s security. Recently a hacker reported a bug to Facebook that there is no security in posting on other’s timeline. He himself posted on Facebook CEO’s timeline. Which a normal person cannot.  

You Need To Be Diligent

It is very important for a user to be very careful with his/her account. I mean posting on Facebook “Going Out For Dinner With Whole Family” can provide a great opportunity to burglar to break into someone’s house.

I will also recommend you that do not add any stranger as your Facebook friend. If you see any person’s account in recommended friend then I will suggest you to view and analyze his account completely before adding him. Many hackers found a new way to hack Facebook account through apps system. They sign up for popular Facebook apps which you are using too and they make their profile visible to you in recommendations. In the year 2012, Facebook has revealed that more than 85 million accounts are FAKE and created for hacking and spamming.

There are many Facebook apps which are not real such as “Find Out Who Views Your Profile” These kinds of apps are spam and a part of phishing. Even if the apps are not fake, they can use your personal information. 

Facebook quizzes are also not created by the Facebook itself, they are also created by the Facebook users. When you run them, you give a programmer to access your personal information

Now a days social media penetrated deep into our lives. There are many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. in which a user’s personal information is stored. So it is very important for a user to use these social media services more carefully.

At last I just want to say only 1 thing -  Nothing over social media or Facebook is “Personal” or “Private” so be Careful while sharing things on them.

Do let me know your views on this via comments.