How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life - Complete Guide

 As we all know that laptop is today’s important thing. We use it for at least once in a day. However, everyone knows that a laptop’s battery life is the biggest problem in it. There are many laptops available which gives a user about 7-8 hours of battery backup. But these kinds of systems are pretty expensive. Samsung have just launched its laptops with a great battery backup

So let me come to the point, the biggest problem in laptops is it battery backup. There are many ways to save your laptop’s battery for better use. In this article I have mentioned some of them which I think will be useful for laptop owners to save their laptop’s battery.

Best Tips to Increase your Laptop Battery Life:

Decrease Screen Brightness:
This is one of the most common way of battery consumption of a laptop. You should reduce the screen brightness to the lowest point so that it does not consume more power and you can work easily for a long time. Do not sacrifice your eyes for a half an hour more battery, reduce the brightness to that point where you feel comfortable to use your laptop. Do not reduce it too much, it can put pressure on your eyes, which may cause any disease.

Reduce Sound and use Headphones:
When you are watching any video or watching any movie or even if you are listening music, then take care of volume level. Do not keep your sound level too high. Not only it will help you to conserve your battery, but it can protect your hearing too! Many people doesn't know that the system sound level also consumes very high batter power.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:
Software can play a big part in draining laptop’s battery levels, and the worst of them are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Now a days laptops comes with a feature to scan nearby Wi-Fi signals and to do so they consumes a lot of battery. So if you are travelling from home to work or vice versa and you don’t need your laptop to be connected to internet, then disable the Wi-Fi acquisition feature for the journey. This will help you to extend your laptop’s battery life.

Remove USB and CD’s when not in use:
If you work on your laptop for a very long time or you are working in office on your laptop then, try not to keep USB devices connected for long. Optical CD drives, Flash Drives and even USB mice can all drain the power of your laptop, so plug them in, transfer your information or do the tasks you need to do with them then, remove them as soon as you are finished. If will save your laptop’s battery for other work.

Close Unwanted Applications which are not in Use:
If you open multiple windows in your browser or run many softwares at a single time then I will recommend you, not to do this. You should close all unwanted programs to extend your laptop’s battery. Programs running in background consumes a lot of battery power.

Reduce the number of Startup Programs:
This is one of the effective way of increasing battery life. Not only doing this will increase your laptop’s battery life but will also increase your laptop’s start up and shut down speed.
To configure startup programs go to run then type msconfig in the box and there you can manage the startup programs of your system.
To do this you can either download an awesome software named Advanced SystemCare. This software will help you in other tasks also like RAM usage, boosting internet speed, junk files clean, registry fix, disk scan, malware removal and much more…

Replace your Old Battery with a new one:
This is the most effective way to increase your laptop’s battery performance, if your laptops is more than 2 year old then you should replace it with a new one, it may simply be getting old. You should speak to the manufacturer of your laptop about purchasing replacement batteries and ask if they offer any long-lasting replacement batteries that hold for a long time and which are stronger than the current one. 

Final Words
So these are the best ways to increase your laptop’s battery lifespan. There are many more ways but according to me these are the best one and could help you a lot. One thing I would like to tell is laptops are there for our convenience and to be used anywhere, but with a little care and attention your battery can last for a much longer time, and can give you a great user experience!