How To Transfer Files From Android Phone To PC Wirelessly

 How To Transfer Files From Android Phone To PC Wirelessly: Android is one of the most used and most popular mobile operating system around the world. There are many ways in which you can share or transfer files from an android phone to PC, but how to do it wirelessly? How to transfer files from android to PC without USB. In this article I will tell you how to transfer files from PC to android phone using WiFi.


Transferring data from your computer to your android phone via USB cable is a long, creepy and annoying process, many time the USB cable got disconnected itself and our data got corrupted. This thing annoys me a lot and I think it annoys every person. There are many ways to transfer files between Android and your computer without using cable. Connecting Android phone via USB cable to transfer files is fast and efficient, but there is nothing which beats the ease of a wireless file transfer. 
Wireless transferring can be done by an external Bluetooth dongle. Currently I am also using it. It is one of the best way of transferring files between phone and computer. You can also get Bluetooth dongle, just click on the link below.
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Transfer Files From Android Phone To PC Wirelessly

Software Data Cable
Software Data Cable is a free app utility which allows a user to transfer and share files via Wi-Fi. This app is very useful for those people who don’t like USB cables and who usually transfers a lot of files. This app requires minimal setup and allows user to share files between android devices and PC. You can also share files between two android devices by pairing them. You can share files directly by pairing or you can also sync files via automatic sync option. Direct transfer between devices may attempt to use a carrier tethering function.


This is one of the best and trendy way to sync your files between different devices. While all your Dropbox files can be available on your device anytime,  sometimes there are features which has the ability to designate a file as a “favorites” on your andoroid device, which helps a user to be kept it locally and available offline. If your phone is damaged or stolen then also all your data will be safe. Dropbox secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification. All you have to do is install the Dropbox desktop application and sign in with the same login information. It will kept an eye on your Dropbox folder, protects it and automatically make sure your files are the same no matter where you get them. 

File Expert

File Expert is one of the greatest file manager and sharing app, it is the only app which has direct access to your external SD card. It also runs on Android Kit Kat Version. The main feature of this app is that it also runs on the devices which are not rooted. You can also organize your files into different categories. You can also create your own tag so that you can easily navigate your file. This app has powerful built-in web browser. File Expert offers many features like Cloud storage. All basic file operations (copy, paste, move, create and rename and much more) are also available as well.

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Fast File Transfer

This app doesn’t works on an internet connection, although you can share files via Wi-Fi Tethering. This app is very useful for those who want to transfer large files. This app doesn’t work on internet connection so you can share your files via Wi-Fi at lightning fast speed. If you are looking for an app which can transfer files at awesome speed then I will recommend you to download this app now. You will definitely be amazed with its transferring speed.

Wi-Fi File Explorer

This apps works on the Wi-Fi of the device. Through Wi-Fi it joins the wireless network and then it also creates a little web server on your network which lets you to browse your files from any other computer on the network. So it will save your plenty of time you just have to go to your PC, and then you have to type the IP address and port number the app gives you and then you’ll see a list of your phone’s files and folders in your browser window. This app also includes a password protection option, which will be probably enabled by the default, but mostly isn’t. It is a secure way of transferring files between devices.

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This app is a good alternative of great apps like MegaUpload and of FileSonic as well. This is a great and powerful mobile client which supports different mobile OS like Android and iOS. With the help of this app you can upload, download and share files over the Internet. You can through out your USB data cable and freely send and receive any files between mobile devices and computer devices. You can also use this app as an online file storage service. This app can store a single file which is up to 10MB.

ES File Explorer

This is an excellent file manager and transfer for Android. This app comes with a built in search function, also with a image viewer, and most importantly this app also has a LAN browser that we can use to transfer files to our computer through Wi-Fi.

So these were some best apps which can help you in transferring data from your android mobile to PC. There are many more apps to do so, but I have mentioned these because they have good ratings and user reviews. If you know any other useful app to transfer files between android and PC then let me know via comments.
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