Why To Choose Blogger ? Pros and Cons of Blogger

 Blogger is a free service by Google. Blogger is a platform to create your website for free and effectively. It is very easy to use and one can simply set up a blog within 10 minutes. You don’t have to be a graphics designer or programmer to use blogger. You will get a sub-domain .blogspot.com when you will create your blog. You can simply move to other domain. A person can create up to 100 blogs with same account. If you want to buy a custom domain then you can buy it from GoDaddy or BigRock.


Why I Choose To Use Blogger Platform For My Blog

So now let me tell you something about past. In the beginning all the blogs were allowed to be published on various other hosting services, but later on they are moved to own servers of Google. We can simple say, Blogger.com Is A Free Platform Owned By Google where you can create blogs and share whatever you want to share with world. Your blog can be a personal blog or it may be a professional blog on a particular topic in which you have much knowledge.

History and Stats of Blogger

  • Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999. In February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google under some terms. This made Blogger completely acquired by Google. Later on Google offered its features for free.
  • In 2004, Google also bought Picasa, which helps a user to post photos to their blogs via Picasa Web Albums. A user can simply upload photos to Picasa Web Albums by using Picasa application on his computer.You can download it from HERE.
  • On August 14, 2006, Blogger launched its latest version in beta, code named “Invader”. This migrated users to Google servers and had some new features, including interface language in Italian, German French and Spanish.
  • By May 2007, Blogger completely moved to Google operated servers.
  • Blogger was ranked on the spot of 16 on the top 50 domains list in terms of number of unique visitors in 2007.

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Why Blogger? Features of Blogger

The first thing which I like in blogger is its simplicity and ease of use. It does not require any professional skills to use Blogger. Now you know what a Blogger is, but now let me tell you that why you should choose Blogger to create your blog or website. Here I am posting some features of Blogger.

Login With Your Google Account
Blogger is a free service by Google so you can just simply log in to your blogger account via your Google Account. You don’t have to make a separate account for Blogger. You just need to create a new blog with a particular Web Address and Title. The url address of your free blog is created with an extension “.blogspot.com”. Later on you can switch to custom domain.
Many Blogging services like Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster Tools for indexing and optimizing are provided by Google. By using these services you can control your blog and can get search engine traffic. With Google AdWords you can see which keywords are high in searches. Google Webmaster Tool will help you configure your blog, so that you can get most out of it.

Less Technical
Creating a blog on Blogger is just so simple that a user who use it for the first time can create a blog in just 10 minutes. All newbies prefer to use Blogger. Just basics about html are enough to work effectively, which is easy for everyone. Users of any background (non-technical) can get into Blogger; no high technical knowledge on coding or any language is required. You don’t need to insert any code or html information into it.


Appearance and Templates
When you will create your blog, you will have to choose a template for it. There are few templates provided by Google itself. You can choose any one of them for your blog or you can download template of your choice from Google. Just download your template and upload it to your blog. Changing the colors can be done by editing the HTML and CSS coding. There are many websites on the internet which provides free templates for Blogger.


Create Pages, Forums and Discussion groups
After creating blog and applying template to it you can simply create pages, write articles and publish them into internet world. I will recommend you to create pages like About, Contact, Disclaimer, Sitemap and Privacy Policy before posting anything. These pages will help your visitor to know about you and he can easily navigate to your blog. You can also create a Forum and Discussion Groups on your blog where you can discuss about your blog and can receive feedback from your visitors.

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Google Backup – The Most Powerful
Blogger has the support of the largest and most powerful Internet Company in the world. Blogger’s servers are hosted directly by the Google servers, Blogger is the most secure and easy platform to build a website or blog. Hacking or Defacing a Blogger’s blog can be said next to impossible! Also, Blogger never crashes. It can handle huge amounts of traffic at a particular point of time.

Country Redirect URL Technique
Blogger has integrated all its blogs with multiple user specific URL addresses i.e. “blogname.blogspot.com” will automatically redirect to titlename.blogspot.in in India, titlename.blogspot.us in USA etc. Blogger explained that by doing this they could manage the blog content more locally so if there was any objectionable material that violated a particular country’s laws they could remove and block access to that blog for that country through the assigned ccTLD while retaining access through other ccTLD addresses and the BlogSpot.com URL by default.

One Account For All Blogs
Blogger makes it easy to view all of your blogs via a dashboard feature that links directly to your Google Account Login. When you log in into you blogger account then, all of your blogs will display in a list with post numbers and total visitors, it also have a drop down menu which contains links of all blog tools. Such as Pages, Posts, Stats, Template, Layout etc. The number of blogs and accounts available is nearly endless and makes blogging on multiple topics easier than ever.

Auto-Share Posts
When you compile and publish a post on blogger, then a pop-up will prompts you to share your new post with your Google+ followers, creating more audience for your blog. Blogger also have a in-built social share button, which means, you don’t have to copy and paste any code into your blog template from third party websites. Although you can add more social share options by just adding html script into your blog. You can add post share options for different social media site like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

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Blogger on Mobile Devices
Blogger has also launched mobile applications for users with mobile devices. You can post articles on your blog directly from your mobiles even you can edit your previously posted articles. This feature is available not only on advanced smart mobile devices, but users can also post blogs via every kind of cell phones by SMS and MMS. This technique is more used by bloggers todays because one can post anything on his blog anytime by simply messaging service.

There are many pre added gadgets available in blogger. You can add Slideshow, Photo, Video, Html, Poll, Author Bio etc. into your blog. You can choose layout of your blog by clicking on layout button on the main menu. You can also add third party gadgets by copying html codes and pasting into your blog. For this you have to click on add gadget then html and paste you html script and click on save. Your gadget will be immediately added.


What Are My Views
Finally, I would say Blogger is the best platform for anyone who is starting his first blog. You should choose Blogger if you are pretty serious about blogging and don’t want to hire an expert to design your blog and make regular adjustments. Blogger is currently free and I think it will always be, it is very easy to use, gives your blog a quick start, the best thing about blogger is this that it offers unlimited hosting bandwidth. What are your views regarding Blogger platform. Do let me know via comments below.