Why your Blog/Website Alexa Ranking is Not Improving even though your Traffic is Increasing?

 Why your Blog/Website Alexa Ranking is Not Improving even though your Traffic is Increasing?

This is one of the most common question which is asked in many blogging communities and forums. I saw many people posting this question in forums and communities that their blog’s Alexa rank is not improving even they are getting a huge traffic and even their traffic is increasing day by day. 

There are some people also who says that their Alexa ranking is improving but their traffic is not increasing. What would be your question…don’t worry. I will tell solution of both the questions in this article. After so much of efforts and research I have written this article so please take a look and let me know in comments that how it is.

Why your Blog/Website Alexa Ranking is Not Improving

Alexa Is Not Just About Traffic
First of all before proceeding you must be aware of one thing that Alexa is not about the traffic but the type of traffic you are getting. To rank websites Alexa only consider those people who have installed Alexa toolbar on to their browser. If you don’t know much about Alexa ranking do check the article where I explained How Alexa Ranking Works?

Your Niche is out of Alexa
One more thing I would like to tell you is that Alexa rank increases well on the blogs which are related to Technology, Internet Marketing, and Design as compared to other niche sites. Some blogs with niche like Health, Fashion and Education will have a low Alexa rank because Alexa doesn’t increase on them even though the traffic is increasing on them. The reason for this is very simple, the nature and purpose of the visitors of these blogs are completely different from a geek who visits Tech Blogs and visitors who visits Health, Fashion etc. niche blogs won’t be installing Alexa Toolbar on to their browser.

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You might not be working on Alexa Ranking
As I said already that Alexa ranking is completely different ranking system and you should write a different kind of posts in order to boost your Alexa rankings. You have to write about topics related to Technology, Blogging, Internet Marketing or you should write about topics related to Alexa Ranking will give you a boost to Alexa Rankings too.
In order to improve your Alexa ranking you must try some black hat methods as well.

Too much Bounce Rate:
You won’t trust me but bounce rate also effects Alexa Rankings. It is also one of the primary factor which affects Alexa Rankings. I have researched about it a lot on Google and found that the blogs that have less bounce rate get good Alexa rankings in a very short span of time.

Alexa is definitely one of the most preferred and used way to rank the quality of a blog these days. You have to concentrate on some main factors in order to rank high in Alexa. I hope you have liked this article. Do let me know your views on it via comments below.