A Complete Guide To Operating Systems

 A Complete Guide To Operating Systems

Computers these days are termed the basic need of today's generation people. One cannot do his work without a Computer or Laptop. When a person buys a laptop or desktop he not only buys a machine, but he buys a machine that runs on an operating system. Just like heart keeps a human alive, an operating system keeps a laptop/desktop alive. These days a laptop/desktop buyer has so many choices to choose from, but years ago, there weren't many choices. Almost all laptop/desktop owners that time bought a laptop/desktop that runs on windows operating system. Some people who are royal and have huge money to spend on these things have bought Mac and some hardcore computer geeks bought laptops/desktops which was running on Linux operating system. Years passed and technology improved and now if a person want to buy a laptop/desktop then he can choose the best one according to his need as there are many varieties of laptops/desktop are available in the market.

Let us talk something about laptops now. Now a days many people are buying Mac laptops as compared to other laptops which runs on Windows or Linux operating system. Windows comes in many forms, including the new Windows 8.1. There are a lot of versions of Linux too. Google have also launched its Chrome OS for its Chromebook laptops. These days there are many laptop like devices which are currently running on Android OS.
So if you are going to buy a laptop or you want to know about the different options available in the laptop OS then this article will be very useful to you. Here is a detailed guide about different operating systems.

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Different Laptops OS, Pros and Cons:

Mac OSX - A Complete Guide To Operating Systems - TechyShacky

Mac OS is currently not used by many users as there are so much of restrictions in it. But Mac OSX has grown rapidly in last ten years. Frankly speaking many people have switched their laptops and desktops both from Windows to Mac OSX. Even my friend bought a Mac recently and when I asked him the reason to buy, he told me that he is fed up with the Windows and he want to try something new.

Interface: The best thing which I like in Mac OSX is its user friendly interface. Even a person who doesn't know much about computers can easily run a system running on Mac OSX.

Efficiency: Another great thing about Mac OSX is its efficiency to run programs. The integrated graphics are the awesomest thing in it even the RAM is also good. So a user can work and play easily.

Security: When it comes to security Mac OSX is the best. It can easily detects viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans. But last year many malicious attacks were reported on Mac OS systems.

Media: As I told earlier that integrated graphics of Mac OS are much better than Windows. They are made for a watching high-resolution videos and gaming.

Software Availability: In the whole world about 90% of the computer and laptop machines runs on Windows Operating System. So there are very less number of Mac machines, therefore their software availability is also low. There are a very few App Developers which develops softwares for Mac.

Closed environment: When a PC user will switch to Mac then he will notice that Mac is having a small and restricted environment. The openness and customization features which a user gets in Windows are disappeared in Mac OS.

Price: This is another main cause why people don’t buy Mac. The price of Mac devices are comparatively much higher than the Windows machines. Even the entry level Mac system costs around $1000. A decent windows system can be bought within half of its price.

Windows 7 - A Complete Guide To Operating Systems - TechyShacky

Windows 7
After the failure of Windows Vista operating system Microsoft releases it new version of Windows which was named Windows 7 and this windows OS stands in the market with a BANG. After Windows XP, Windows 7 is the most successful windows releases till date.

Universality: As we all know that Microsoft is now not providing its support for Windows XP so most of the windows users are now using Windows 7.

Gaming: Windows 7 is the best operating system for gamers. Many windows user are not upgrading their OS because newer version of Windows are not gaming friendly.

Customization: There is a lot of customization options available to a user in Widows 7.

Efficiency: Windows 7 is worth buying windows of all time. Its efficiency is superb and can handle the running of many programs at once.

Support: Windows 8 and 8.1 are newer releases of Microsoft so a windows 7 user will not get much attention from Support.

Development: Windows 8 is most trending OS now so application and softwares are focusing much on Windows 8 and 8.1 instead of Windows 7.

Upgrading: It will costs a little high to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. So if you are going to buy a windows machine then I will recommend you to buy a windows 8 or 8.1 system.
This is a newest release from Microsoft. Windows 8.1 is all about cross-platform compatibility and user friendliness interface. The amazing thing of windows 8.1 is that this OS runs not only on Desktops and Laptops but also on Tablets and Smartphones. There are very few persons in this world who are using Windows 8.1 so the results and efficiency of this windows is yet to come but I can say that windows 8.1 can be the OS which can unite all of our gadgets.

Interface: The user interface of Widows 8.1 is one of the best interface which is created by Microsoft till now. If you are using a touchscreen laptop then there is a tile view option for you and if you are using a non-touch laptop then there is the classic Windows view for you.

Improvements: Windows 8.1 is released with some improvements in windows 8. Some bugs were fixed and some new features are also added into it.

Security: Windows 8.1 is also one of the most securest windows of Microsoft till date. This windows have many inbuilt security features.

Range of devices: Windows 8.1 runs on all kind of traditional laptops, tablet-phablet hybrid, smartphones and on the new sleek ultrabooks.

Buggy: There are several bugs fixed in Windows 8.1 but yet there are a lot of bugs in it. Microsoft will release a new windows soon with the bugs fixes.

Compatibility: There are many programs which are not yet to be made to run on Windows 8.1.

Gaming: There is a sad news for gamers that Windows 8.1 is not at all made for gaming. This windows will not give you the same gaming experience which Windows 7 can.

Pricing: Pricing of Windows 8.1 is quite decent but you can get a 90 day free trial from its official site.

Chrome OS - A Complete Guide To Operating Systems - TechyShacky

Chrome OS
Chrome OS is an operating system which was released in the year 2009 by Google. This OS is totally based on Chrome Web Browser, this OS runs web apps instead of traditional operating system applications. When these Chromebooks were launched they don’t get good response from people, but these Chromebooks got renowned in 2012. In late 2013 Google released a newer and improved version of Chromebook named Chromebook Pixel.

Speed: As I already said that this OS runs web apps instead of traditional apps so web applications runs much faster in this OS

Simplicity: This OS is too much user friendly and even a novice PC user can run this OS without any difficulty.

Essentials: Chrome OS is perfect OS for heavy and pro web users as this OS runs web apps much smoothly than any other OS.

Capabilities: If you are a person doesn't use internet much then this OS is a waste of time for you. This OS is completely based on web apps.

Interface: This OS is not much user friendly. Some features of this OS needs touchscreen but they don’t work properly on a touch screen system.

Price: Chrome OS notebooks are much higher in price. The new Chromebook Pixel costs $1,300, which is even more than MacBook Air.

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So these are the most popular laptops OS used worldwide. Hope you have liked the article. If you want to provide any feedback or you want to ask something related to it then please feel free to comment below.