How Commenting On Blogs Can Increase Your Productivity?


By looking at the title of this post “How Commenting On Blogs Can Increase Your Productivity?”
You all are thinking that I am in the mood of joking or I am posting this just for fun….I am right?
But let me tell you friends this is a serious blog post about commenting on other blogs. You must know the power of commenting on blogs and on communities. When you visit a blog and read any article then you should leave a comment on that article and you should always give your feedback to the author so that he could also know about his article. If you comment on a CommentLuv enabled blog then you can get a backlink to your blog, so this is a plus point for you too. Commenting on blogs for SEO and commenting on blogs for backlinks is just a waste of time and can decrease your reputation.
Ok now get back to the topic “How Commenting On Blogs Can Increase Your Productivity?”
So first of all let me tell you why you should comment on other blog’s post.

  • You should comment on other blog posts to express your thoughts about that post. I will recommend you to always comment your thoughts about the post.
  • You should always comment on a blog which are of same niche as yours. Your comments will show that you are experienced in that niche.
  • Another benefit of commenting on blog posts is that by commenting on CommentLuv enabled blog you can build backlinks.
  • You can also get traffic by commenting.
  • Commenting on blogs which have high Page Rank can help you in getting better search engine rankings, and it will help you to get organic traffic as well.
  • By commenting on same niche blogs as of yours, you can always be updated.

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Most common causes of commenting on other blog posts.
Now I will tell you about the right way to comment on blogs because if you don’t do it in right way then you will be treated as spammer and you will decrease your reputation. You must follow some rules before making comments on blogs. So take a look at the Do’s and Don’ts before making any comments on blogs.

Don’t Do These Types Of Comments:

  • Short Comments: Never ever try to write one word or two word comments like “Thanks” and “Nice Post”. If you will you do so, then you will definitely ruin your reputation because these types of comments are generally termed as spam comments. Try to write at least 1 paragraph in comments. Give your true feedback about the post, don’t copy someone’s other comment.
  • Commenting Without Reading: You should definitely read the article before commenting on it. Never try to give false or copied feedback. Be genuine and honest while commenting.
  • Be Polite While Commenting: You are commenting to express your thoughts and to give feedback. Never do it only for building backlinks. Maintain a friendship and good relation with other bloggers and with other people who are commenting on that post. Be good with everyone. Don’t be in a mood of attacking.
  • Don’t Make Grammatical Mistakes:  After reading the whole post, be calm and write your comment after thinking for a long. Don’t make grammatical mistakes while commenting.
  • Don’t Comment Without Reading Previous Comments: Before commenting on any post, first read all the previous comments and try to make friendly environment in comments. If you will comment without reading previous comments then there will be no value of your comment.
  • Commenting Without Name: Some people make comments anonymously, without publishing their name. I think this is a bad habit and a wrong way of commenting too. You should post at least your blog name while commenting.

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What Should You Do While Commenting:
You should also follow some tips while commenting so that your comments are treated as good comments and they can have good value in blog posts. If you comment in right way then you can build some good reputation among bloggers:

  • You should post a unique and informative comment. Make sure your comment is useful for other people who are commenting and for blog authors.
  • Before posting any comment try to do a little research about that topic. You can get a good information about that topic online. Do some research, figure out some uniqueness in that topic and then make your comment.
  • If you see any comments that have any questions, then try to solve them. It will help you to get reputation and readers.
  • If there is option to add photos in the comments then try to post some good images too in the comments. But don’t try to post some useless and nonsense photos.
  • If you are disagree with the author, then try to mention it in a nice tone. Be honest while commenting. You should describe briefly why you are disagree with him. Try to mention good points, and if possible give him a proof so that you can prove your honesty.
  • You should also ask questions from author. This makes author feel like you are interested in his post.
  • If you have any personal experience with the topic, then try to mention it. People love to hear personal experience from bloggers.
  • Try to comment early on the post. To do so you can subscribe to the blog.
  • If you have got something interesting about that post then try to provide links in comments, so that other people can also look at that.

Final Words
So these are the Do’s and Don’ts while commenting. In this post I have explained that why you should comment on blogs and what are its benefits. I have also told you about what to do and what you should not do while commenting.

I hope this article is useful for many of you. Please leave a comment below about it, so that I can get feedback from you guys about the post.