Google AdSense : How To Get Approval Fast

Google AdSense : How To Get Approval Fast

Google is one of the biggest company in the world. Along with AdSense, Google also offers many other products like Adwords, Analytics, etc. To earn money from blog and to monetize a blog, the first name which come to a blogger’s mind is Google AdSense. But as we all know that getting approval of AdSense is not so easy. When a blogger gets approval of AdSense he became very happy but his happiness turns into a horror dream when he gets mail from AdSense team which says “Your AdSense Account has been disabled” for some or the other reason. I think you know enough about Google AdSense so I should not tell you more about it and let me come to the point. In this article I have posted some tips which will help you to get Google AdSense approval fast. There are many ways to make money online but earning from AdSense is the best of them.

Is it that difficult to get AdSense Approval?
Yes, it is difficult to get Google AdSense approval but it’s not impossible. To get approval of Google AdSense all you need is a blog/website with high quality content with a good aged domain and with good traffic as well.

Commonly Asked Questions about AdSense:

What Is The Waiting Time For A New Blog/Website To Get Approved For AdSense?

It is not clearly mentioned anywhere on the internet about the domain age for AdSense approval, even the Google AdSense policies don’t have these kind of points mentioned. But to be safe your blog and domain must be 3 months old before applying for AdSense. For some Asian countries like India, China, and Pakistan etc. should wait for 6 months before applying for Google AdSense with a new blog/website.
Is This 6 Months Limit Reasonable For AdSense?
For this question honestly speaking, my answer is yes.
It takes time for a blog to build reputation and get high visitors. Be patient and wait for at least 6 months, during these 6 months write genuine articles, build backlinks, gain reputation. Try to learn some SEO techniques and try to get at least 40% visitors from Google. Your blog must have 1000 visitors per day (according to Google Analytics). Then you should apply for AdSense. You can also get AdSense before 6 months, but if you will see blogger, then you will came to know that blogger doesn’t allow us to add AdSense ads directly. We have to add html code.
Can AdSense Reject A Application Without Any Reason ?
No, there will be some reason when your application is rejected by Google AdSense. You should check and read properly the mail of rejection so that you can know why your application is rejected. Try to fix the problem, wait for some more time and then re apply for AdSense. Don’t re-submit your application just after fixing the problem. You should wait for some time before re-submitting your application. Below I have mentioned major reasons behind the rejection of AdSense application.

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Most Common Reasons Why AdSense Application Was Rejected:-
  • Content Issues: If your website/blog contains Hacking/Cracking, Pirated Software, Copyrighted etc. content then your AdSense application will be disapproved by AdSense Team for sure. If your website have all these type of contents and still you get AdSense approval then don’t be happy because they will ban your account soon when the AdSense Team will be review your account second time. So make sure that your blog doesn’t have any of these type of contents.
  • Design Issues: Generally this issue will not come in between you and AdSense but sometimes they disapprove AdSense application because of the design/Theme of the user’s blog.
  • Navigation Problems: This is another major issue of getting AdSense applications rejected. This issue occurs when the site is not easily navigable. So before applying for AdSense make sure that your site is easily navigable to users/visitors. To make your site easily navigable use at least one Search bar, you should also Label your each post, and make sure to include a menu bar.
  • Under Construction Sites: Websites/blogs which are not complete or which have less number of posts are generally stated as under constructions sites and never ever apply for AdSense application for these type of sites.
  • Languages: AdSense only supports few languages so before applying to AdSense just look at the languages that are allowed in AdSense. You can check it at AdSense Supported Languages Section. If your AdSense application is rejected because of non-supportive language then you can’t do anything.

How To Get Approved For AdSense Fast?

1. High, Fresh Quality Content:
As I and pro bloggers always say “Content Is King”. So before applying for AdSense make sure that your blog/website have high quality content. This is the basic and primary criteria for getting AdSense approval. If your blog has high quality and valuable content then it is possible that your AdSense application can be approved in first attempt.

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What is High Quality and Fresh Content?
High Quality and Fresh Quality content is always a big question to bloggers even for pro bloggers, so what does High Quality and Fresh content actually means?
Content which is completely written by you is so called a High and Fresh Quality content. Copying someone’s article and re-writing it is not called high quality content even if you have written all points in your own language. If you add video or images to content it make your content more valuable and it will become more high quality content. In simple language content which is written in simple language, written completely by you, have videos and images is called a High and Fresh Quality content.

2. Domain Age:
This factor was not considered before, but when AdSense team started getting too many AdSense applications and many bloggers started to spam, Google decides to check the Domain Age before approving AdSense application.
If you have a well settled blog/website with high quality content and good amount of traffic then it is possible that your application can be approved with 3 months old domain. But if your blog is still growing and have less amount of traffic then your domain must be 6 months old.
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3. Site Design/Theme:
It is always good to have a simple and easily navigable site. As I have already mentioned earlier that navigation issues is one the main reasons for your AdSense application getting rejected .So I will recommend you to use a good simple site Design. For more help below I have mentioned some points which you should follow if you want to be safe from AdSense navigable issues.
  • Use simple and easily Navigable Design.
  • Add Search Box to blog which is easily accessible to visitors.
  • Always include links to various important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Sitemap at the homepage.
  • Always include easily accessible social sharing buttons.
  • Use internal linking in some posts.
  • Always include a menu bar at the top which contains all posts and pages.
  • Include link to Google Plus Profile and Facebook Profile.

Do check out these Adsense wordpress themes if you want some AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

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 4. Traffic and Rank of website:
Google AdSense team doesn’t look at your Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking when you apply for AdSense. I will recommend you to apply for AdSense only when you are getting 1000 page views per day and 40% of your traffic comes from Google. Other major factors which should be considered before applying for AdSense are mentioned below.
  • At least 500 Unique Visitors per day.
  • Make sure you are getting 60% traffic from search engines especially from Google (According to me 40% traffic from Google is enough).
  • If your blog is getting good traffic from US and Canada then it is a plus point for you.
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5. Number of Posts:
Google AdSense team will look for number of posts your blog have before approving your application. It is recommended by many pro bloggers that your blog must have at least 10-20 high quality post which have unique content. But I will recommend you to have at least 25 high quality blog post before applying for AdSense. If you think 15 posts of your blog are equally valuable than 25 blog posts then you can take a chance and can apply for AdSense.
6. Read and Follow Google AdSense T&S; Carefully:
Before applying for AdSense make sure you have read all the Terms and Conditions  of Google AdSense program. If you haven’t read them I will suggest you to read them thoroughly now.
7. Privacy Policy Page, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer Page, Blog Achieve and Terms of use Pages:
  • Privacy Policy Page: In this page you should mention about the information which you store of the visitors. If you include a special note about Google Advertising Program that will be very helpful. You can check TechyShacky’s Privacy Policy Page as an example.
  • About Us: In this page you should mention about yourself as blog admin. You can share information about other admins or authors of blog also. You can also include your other Social Media links. For an example you can see this blog’s About Us page.
  • Contact Us: In this page you can publish your contact form or you can provide links from where visitors or advertisers can contact you easily.
  • Disclaimer Page: In this page write about your copyrighted content on your blog. If there is something on your blog which is owned by you only then mention this line “This content/image/video is strictly copyrighted by (your name) and cannot be reproduced anywhere on web without permission”.
  • Blog Achieve: In this page you can add all articles and pages links of your blog. It is not compulsory to have this page but it is good to have one.
  • Terms of Use: This is an optional page. It doesn’t make any difference if you have it or not. This is generally used only by big sites or companies.
Make Requisite Corrections And Re-Apply
If your application is rejected once then don’t get disappointed. You can apply for AdSense for a number of times after making necessary corrections to your site. For more help read below points.
  • Read the email carefully which contains the matter of rejection.
  • Don’t apply for more than one application at once.
  • If you get rejected then reapply after at least one month after that.
  • Don’t think that having an AdSense account will make you rich. Your blog must have at least 1000 visitors per day to earn $3-5 per day.
Don’t think that getting rejected by AdSense is the end and you cannot earn money with your blogI have already posted an article in which I have mentioned top 10 ways to
make money from your blog
. Most people prefer AdSense because it is the best ppc program available right now and you can always have few dollars into your account at the end of the day. As I said earlier that getting approval of AdSense is not so easy task though it is not impossible as well.
One more thing which I would like to mention is that don’t trust people who says you that they will give you an AdSense account for free. All these are part of scams and even if you have agreed and they have transferred you their AdSense account, don’t be so happy because Google AdSense Team will BAN your account when they will review your account.
So these are the best ways and important points which should be considered if you want to get Google AdSense approval fast. Hope you liked the article and most of your doubts are clear now. Feel free to comment below.