How To Fix Blue Screen Error And What Is It?

How To Fix Blue Screen Error And What Is It

I think all of the people using computer have faced this problem at least once in their lifetime and many of them don’t know why they have got this error. Generally this error comes up on the screen without any prior notification. Have you ever faced Blue Screen of Death Error (generally known as BSoD or Blue Screen Error)? Some people also call it as Stop Error or Bug Check. In this post I will give you a detailed information about the Blue Screen Error. In this post I will also tell you why this Blue Screen Error is caused, what is Blue Screen Error and how to fix Blue Screen Error.

What Actually This Blue Screen Of Death Is?

Blue Screen of Death is nothing but a type of Blue Screen Error which generally comes in  Microsoft Windows Operating systems and it stops the operations of the system. This error occurs because of a fatal error. This Blue Screen Error occurs with different reasons on different machines/systems. It also have different notifications, sometimes it gives user a warning message with a quote like “continue by pressing any key”, sometimes the error comes up with a message to restart the system by stopping all operations and services or sometimes it just come on the screen without any warning and the system struck by showing up a Blue Screen. This is a common and most irritating problem which comes in Windows Operating Systems.

Microsoft Owner “Bill Gates” Got Blue Screen Error Too (BSoD):

In 1998 Microsoft Owner Bill Gates was demonstrating Windows 98through a presentation with his assistants and in between the presentation the screen showed up the Blue Screen Error….!!! When he got Blue Screen Error all the members which were present in the hall laughed and clapped.
After this Bill Gates laughed too and made a funny comment. He commented
“That’s why we are not shipping Windows 98 to the world”.

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What Is The Reason Behind Blue Screen Error? 

These type of error in which computer system stops responding are caused generally due to some hardware or driver problems. When these kind of problem occurs, our system stops responding just because to save the system from damage. In the later versions of Windows (Windows 7 and 8) these types of error occurs very less because of their security. Windows XP users have faced this problem for a large number of time. I have used Windows XP for 1 and half year and I have faced this problem for about 6 or 7 times, and now I am using Windows 8 from last 13 or 14 months and till now I have not faced this problem. I am so lucky…. 😀

How To Fix Blue Screen Error:

I have one sad news for you, and the sad news is that there is no particular solution for this error because these types of error occurs every time with different reason. I have mentioned some Tips and Tricks in this article below, by following them you can fix this error for the most of the time.

1. Remove Unnecessary Startup Programs
Startup programs are those programs which starts automatically every time when you starts your system. These are generally the reason behind Blue Screen Error. To fix Blue Screen Error you can try to disable all unnecessary startup programs. You will need to remove programs from the startup list so that your system can load faster and safely. To disable and to configure startup programs you can do the following steps…
1. First of all press Windows Logo Key+R.
2. After doing this a RUN box will appear on your screen, then you have to type “msconfig” (without quotes) in that box to open the configuration panel. Type “msconfig” in that box and press enter.
3. Now click on Startup taband remove all the unnecessary programs from the list and click on apply.
4. Then after performing the above steps system will ask you to restart to make changes. Just restart your system and you are done.
In most of the cases you will fix the Blue Screen Error by performing the above steps but if you are still facing Blue Screen Error problem then try below methods too.

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2. Uninstalling The Problem Causing Software:
Sometimes you can face this problem even when you are trying to install a software. This Blue Screen Error may occur sometimes with a notice that the software you are trying to install is corrupted and may need to be verified before installing. You should once verify all the changes you made to your system and try re-installing the software again. You can also fix this problem by uninstalling the recent installed applications from you system.

3. Rolling Back Hardware And Drivers Settings:
The main cause of Blue Screen Error is problem in hardware. Sometimes if your hardware device is not properly connected with your system you can see this problem occurring. You can fix Blue Screen Error by ensuring that all the external connections of you system are properly connected and there is no problem in them. Make sure that the external ports of the system, motherboard pins are connected correctly. Having problems in Drivers can also cause this problem (this is what happened to Bill Gates). You should update your drivers once every month to be safe from Blue Screen Error.
If you will follow the above methods in the right way then I am sure that you will be able to fix your system’s Blue Screen Error problem. If you are still facing this problem then let me know in the comments about it. Please also mention the error message which you are getting, so that I can provide you the perfect solution for that problem.

Windows 8 Is Having A New Kind Of Blue Screen Error:
Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 have same kind of Blue Screen Error but this error screen is changed in Windows 8. In Windows 8 you will get this error with a sad emoticon at the top of text. The color of the error screen is also changed in Windows 8, in Windows 8 error screen is of Light Blue color. I have posted a screenshot of Blue Screen Error in Windows 8 below. Check it out.


Users of all the previous version of windows like Windows Vista, XP and 7 are facing this problem a lot because there are not many security features in these Windows, but in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Microsoft have given more preference to security so the users of these two windows will not face this problem more.