How To Unlock Android Screen With Gestures - Pi Locker App


Have you heard that you can open apps from the lock screen by drawing some gestures in OnePlus One? All you have to do is to draw some gesture on the lock screen and the app will open. For example you draw a C on the lock screen and Camera will be opened. Today, I am presenting a beta app by which you can turn your android phone into OnePlus One.

Just kidding… I am talking about the app named Pi Locker Beta which will allow you to open apps from lock screen of your android phone by drawing some gestures and it will work on all android phones. This Pi Locker App combines the Cyanogen Mod lock screen gestures same as like on the OnePlus One in all new one user interface, which allows a user to enjoy unlocking.

Pre-established patterns are used by Pi Locker app to open certain apps and this app changes the settings right from the lock screen of the phone. As I have already mentioned above that this app is still in Beta version, so it is still in way of progress and will comes up with new features and with awesome user interface soon. This app is still in Beta version doesn't mean that it can’t perform well, I have seen a lot of qualities in this app which makes it one of my favorite one.

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Minimum requirements of this app is not also too high nor too low. Your android version must be 2.3 or higher to use this app.  As I told earlier that this app will allow you to open apps from the lock screen of your android mobile by drawing some gestures. For an example if you draw a ''C'' on the lock screen, this app will start the camera, to turn on the flashlight, you can draw ''t'', and drawing ''S'' will turn the device on the silent mode, to revert back to general mode you have to draw ''G'', which means the basic settings page.
Below I have mentioned complete gesture features:

  • “Check Mark”: To unlock device
  • "V": To turn on vibration
  • "G": To turn device to general/basic settings
  • "S": Put mobile on Silent mode
  • "B": To open default Browser
  • "C": To turn on the Camera
  • "t": Opens flashlight
  • "W": To turn WLAN on/off
  • "b": To switch Bluetooth on/off

The gestures that you will draw on the lock screen of Pi Locker can change the settings of your device, like it can turn your Bluetooth on/off or it can turn your Wi-Fi on/off.

As you can see in the above picture I have drawn ‘‘t’’, so the flashlight will be turned on.
I know that now a question will be coming in your mind that can we edit the functions of the gestures?

For this question the answer is NO, you can’t edit the functions of the gestures and alphabets as they are preset by the app developer, hope we can see a function to edit gestures in the coming version of this Pi Locker. If you really want to customize something in this app then you can customize the lock screen wallpaper, you can add text and you can choose the text color too.

In the above screenshot you can see that I have drawn a check mark, so it means now the screen of my device will be unlocked.
Pi Locker is a fantastic app from the XDA Developers, this app is quite interesting and I have tested this app on my own device and believe me this app is super excellent if you want to customize you lock screen and if you are fed up with that boring dotted screen lock.

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This app is still in Beta mode so maybe it won’t work for everyone because when I tried in on my friend’s Huawei Ascend P7, the lock screen wallpaper which I have chosen doesn't show up. When I pressed power button the device shows the home screen and suddenly the lock screen appears after few milliseconds. I also tried this app on Google Nexus (2013), and this app worked only for the 50% time. I tried this app on my father’s Galaxy S3, and this app worked a lot better on it.