What To Do If You Don’t Get Google AdSense Approval?

 Google AdSense Application Rejected

When it comes to monetize a blog of any niche, the first name which come to a blogger’s mind is Google AdSense. It is also for an obvious reason that they deliver very relevant ads to any niche blog every time. This is the one and only thing that makes Google AdSense unique and best from other advertising networks. But as everybody knows that getting AdSense approval is no so easy task and now a days it has become more difficult. So when you apply for an AdSense account make sure that your blog meets the minimum requirements of Google AdSense and read their policy at least once. They are very serious related to their policy.

I had already posted an article on – How to get Google AdSense Approval Fast? 

After reading above article if you get AdSense approval then it is good and even after following all the steps that I have mentioned in above article you didn't get AdSense approval then follow the below steps.

What To Do If You Don’t Get Google AdSense Approval?

1. Share Google AdSense with others:
The first thing I will suggest you to do when you don’t get AdSense approval is to join some fellow blogger or friends who already have an AdSense account. Things you should tell when asking to join AdSense.
   • Tell them about your best skill.

   • Be available to them every time, doing this for few days will make them realize that you are very serious for blogging.

   • Tell them that you will take only 40% of the earnings or whatever you like (but never ever tell that you will share 50-50 as you are not his partner). It is always better to earn less than nothing. 

Is it harmful to share AdSense account with others?
My answer for this question is yes and no.

   • If you are a good blogger and have a blog with high quality content and high traffic then there is nothing to worry about sharing your AdSense account with someone other. Just make sure he can work well for you.

   • Another advice I would like to give you is avoid sharing your AdSense account with bloggers who have low PageRank blog and with low quality content.

Precautions to be taken before sharing AdSense account with others:

   • Share your AdSense account only with trusted people (or people you know personally). The newly joined members will have power to remove the actual admin so be careful with that.

   • Never ever authorize any site under Authorize section except the one for which you got an AdSense approval.

   • Share your revenue only with those bloggers who have a quality site with high traffic.

2. Try Alternatives:
Frankly speaking there is no perfect competitor for Google AdSense till now. There are few other advertising networks whose income is almost near to the income generated from Google AdSense, so you can go with them.

If your blog is getting almost 1000 unique visitors per day, then your income from AdSense will be around $3-$5. So, if you choose some other advertising networks like Infolinks or maybe some other than your income will be around $2-4. You will be happy with that…

Some of the AdSense alternatives are:

   • BuySellAds: This is the best AdSense alternative available right now, but it is very hard to get approval of BuySellAds. If you get approval of BuySellAds then your income will be more than the income you can earn from Google AdSense. Yes that’s true. If you have a niche site related to blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO etc. then your income will be more as compared to other niche sites.

   • Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion ads are CPM based ads. To get approval of Tribal Fusion your website must have 10,000 visitors per day.

   • Infolinks (Highly Recommended): This is the best and most preferred AdSense alternative according to me. You can earn a good income with Infolinks. Even the CPM is very good of Infolinks, ranging from $1-4 sometimes it is even $7.

   • I will share some more AdSense alternatives in a separate post. Some more are clicksor, kontera and chitika.

3. Try Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing would be tough for you at the initial stages of blogging but once you sell some products, you will be familiar with it and your confidence will boost and then you will never again look back to Google AdSense. Top affiliate networks are amazon, neverblue, clickbank etc.

4. Direct Advertisement:
Direct Advertisement is the best way to earn money from a blog. This method works only on those blog which have good quality content, High PageRank, High visitors. A direct banner advertisement can give you more money than Google AdSense.

Follow the below tips to get your ad spaces sold:

   • Build a niche blog. Your niche must be good.

   • You must add a contact form on your blog which have a separate option for advertisers who want to buy ad space on your blog.

   • You can also join some forums like Digital Point, in which you can directly contact to advertiser who want to buy ad space on your blog.

   • You can contact advertisers directly and show them your traffic reports if your blog has a good amount of traffic.

5. Earn Money by Offering Services:
This quote fits here. “If you are good at something, don't do it for free”.  If you are good at something then you can offer that skill as a service to other people and get money in return. 
For example I am good at Writing, Social Media Marketing related stuff. So here I offer services related to them and earn money.

The first and foremost thing you should do when you don’t get an AdSense approval is “Don’t Panic”. You must be patient and improve your blog. Don’t get disappoint because there are many more ways to earn money from blog. Remember that if you depend on something then you will always become dependent, so be brave and do something which is good for you. Always keep few alternatives with you and choose the one which works the best.