Windows File Viewer- View Files Of Unknown Extension



File Viewer is a fantastic free windows software which will help you to open files with almost 120+ extensions. Every PC might not be having every software installed every time. So in that case you can use this software to view that file.

There are many times when we find that we can’t open a file without specific program or we don’t know what the file extension is. Without knowing the extension of file we can’t open it. So what we do is open the Google and search for the “How To Open This/That File” but can’t find the perfect answer and the result is we delete that file. If you are facing the same problem then the below software will be very useful to you.

What is File Viewer?

File Viewer for windows is a free software which allows you to open almost any type of file. You don’t have to work for hour to open files with this software, you can simply drag and drop files into the application to open it. You can open Document, Spreadsheet, Audio, Video, Camera Raw, Image, Web and many other files with this application.
If you don’t know the extension of the file even then you can open that file with it, there are some rare cases in which this software doesn’t support your file. In that cases you can view that file contents in text or hexadecimal view. Although this software supports more than 120 extensions so there is very less chance you will face this problem.

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Getting Started With File Viewer:

• First of all you have to download this software from official site. You can download this software from File Viewer Official Site.

• After visiting official website you have to download this software. Please note that there are two versions of this software. One is paid and one is free. You can download according to your need. I will recommend you to download free one.
[Paid Version can open twice as many formats as File Viewer Lite]

• After downloading the software install it on your PC.

• After installation you can see a shortcut of File Viewer on your desktop.

• Double click on shortcut to run File Viewer.

• Now just drag and drop the file which you want to open with File Viewer.

Features of Windows File Viewer:

• Lite version can open 120+ file formats whereas File Viewer Plus can open almost double of the formats which lite version can.

• This software works butterly fast on all windows [XP, Vista, 7 and 8].

• If you want to know the supported formats of this software then you can check on its Official Site.

• It can also play videos of more than 10+ formats.

• You can also view and copy and file’s data and information.

• You can view each file into 4 different views. Which are Hex View, Icon View, Text View and Native View.

• There are many more features of Windows File Viewer. Which can be seen on its Official Site.

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File Viewer for windows is completely fantastic and easy to use program. As we all know that having all softwares in PC is very difficult as there are plenty of softwares available over the internet. So working smarty and using softawares which works on different formats can save you PC disk space as well as your time too.