How To Host Website For Free Using Google Drive

So you have a domain name and you are looking for a Hosting Provider?

If you don’t want to spend much $$$ on hosting then you can try this method to host your website for free.

You can host your website on Google Drive for free. Yes it’s absolutely free. Google Drive supports many types of files like HTML, JAVASCRIPT files and CSS style sheets so you will not face any problem in hosting your site. You can also share your web URL with others.

So what is Google Drive?
Google Drive is a service offered by Google, in Google Drive a user can store his files and documents and can sync them with cloud too. Google Drive provides 5GB of space to each user, which a user can use to upload his file, sharing and collaborate editing. If you are still confused that what functions Google Drive actually offers, then you can take a look to this.

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Features of Google Drive hosting?
• By using Google Drive as your hosting, you can use HTML, CSS and Media Files in you website. You can easily modify, add or delete them.

• Anyone can put relative path of their image files or CSS style sheets while designing or coding your HTML or CSS files. For example if you put your image file in same folder as your HTML file than you can use image in code such as:

Background-image: URL (background.png);

Limitations of Google Drive hosting:

• Server pages like PHP, JSP are not supported by Google Drive, so you can’t use these types of files.

• Also you can’t do custom domain mapping in Google drive as Google don’t support this service till now. Also you won’t get any option in setting to set subdomain and DNS configuration.

• If you want your website to have user registration or login options, then you can’t use Google Drive as your hosting because Google Drive does not support SQL Database All you can do is to use Google Forms and Spreadsheet as your data sources.

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Steps to follow to host website on Google Drive
I think you are now much aware of Google Drive. So let us move to the main step of hosting our website. Below are the steps which you have to follow to host your website for free on Google Drive.

• First of all you have to create your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Media files. After creating the files you have to place them in a separate folder, which we will use.

• Now sign in to your Google Drive Account HERE

• After signing in you can see that upload button there, on the right side of the CREATE button. You have to click on that button to upload your files.

• Click on that up arrow and upload your folder at once (if you want to upload each file separately, then you can go to file option). After clicking on Upload button a new popup box will appear, now you have to navigate to your folder and select it.

• A new box will appear, you have to select the folder which you want to upload. Below you will find two check boxes, you have to untick them. If you check the first box then you files will be converted into Google Drive format and it won’t work as webpage.

• Now click on Start upload and wait for the files to be uploaded. (Uploading may take time according to the size of the files)

• Now make a folder and make files visible to everyone by sharing buttons and choosing the option “Everyone on the web”. This step is very important because if you don’t make your files visible to everyone, no one will be able to see your website except you.

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• Now click on Save button.

• Now you have to open your file in Google Drive, to do this visit you folder and locate the file and open it (You can open you file either by double clicking on it or by selecting it and choosing the open button from the right down corner of the screen).

• Now the file will open in a new tab, where you can find a Preview button. Click on the button and you will see your website webpage.

Voila….You have just hosted your site for free with Google Drive. You can share links with others now.

 Some Commons Errors and their Solutions

• Uncheck the button which will ask you to convert your file in Google Drive file format. You don’t need to convert file in Google Drive file format.

• Don’t forget to share your files publically buy sharing button.

• Never make same files name same or don’t upload those files which have same name. If you do so then none of them will work and you can face a lot of problems.

• Remember that only 5GB space is provided as free space, if you want more space then you can buy it. So I will recommend you to use that 5GB space more efficiently.

So this is how you can host you website for free with Google Drive. So what are you waiting for??

Start creating your website today, and host it with Google Drive for free.

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