10+2 Google Products You Don’t Know About


Google – No need for introduction. I know. But what if I ask you to tell products offered by Google?
You will tell me something like Search Engine, Android, Gmail, Google+, Blogger, Maps and may be 4-5 more. Not a big deal, we all know about it. Ok let me tell you one thing, that there are more than 10 products of Google which you have never used. Even you have never heard about them. Yes I am not joking. After a long research, I found some interesting and not known Google products. All these products are into existence from years but very few people knows about them.
Before some days I was just checking all the buttons on Google homepage and after 2 hours I was tired but still there was more buttons yet to be clicked. Then I said “OMG Google is really a big company and there are so many products of it too” 😛 At that time I decided to Google about all of the Google’s products and yes I successfully discovered some unknown Google products. You can have a look at them below. I hope you like them and you will share them with your friends too.

List of 10+2 Less Known Google Products

1. Google Takeout – Don’t think that it is Google’s food service. LOL. Google Takeout is project by Google that allows you to download an archive of your data from things like your +1’s, Gmail, Google+ Circles, YouTube, Contacts and Picasa Web albums. Currently you can download data of only some selected services of Google which does not contain Google Search history, Google Talk chat history, and Google Wallet details.

2. Google Mars – Don’t think that it’s a typo of Google Earth. It’s really Google Mars. Don’t think that Google Mars will provide you an experience of Mars on your desktop/laptop. Ok let me tell you what it actually do. Google Mars gives you an ability to check various spacecraft landing locations, the depth of the crater and even it comes with an infrared option. As you switch between map, satellite, and hybrid modes in Google Maps same like that in Google Mars you can toggle between the elevation, visible, and infrared data.

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3. Google Health – Google Health was the service which allowed Google users to volunteer their health records. Users can either keep their records manually or by logging into their accounts at partnered health services providers. This service was officially shutted down on January 1, 2013. It was just like a Personal Health Service (PHR). This service was removed because it didn’t get that much exposure and fame which the Google team was expecting from it.

4. Google SketchUp – SketchUp which was previous known as Google Sketchup. It is a 3D modeling program for applications such as mechanical engineering, architectural, interior design, civil, film, and video game design. Check out the community gallery for added inspiration. There are two versions of it available to download SketchUp Make, which is free and another one is SketchUp Pro which is a paid version.

5. Google Correlate – In Google Correlate you can either upload data chart or you can simply search any term in it. Then it will calculate the same trending pattern in Google and show you the matching patterns. Google Correlate is just like reverse of Google Trends. In Google Trends when you search for any query, then you get a data series of activity but in Google Correlate when you will search for any query, then you will get back a list of queries whose data series follows a similar pattern. 

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6. Google Sites – Google Sites is a structured wiki- and web page-creation tool which is offered by Google itself. The main aim for which the Google Sites was started is to let everyone create a team-oriented site where multiple people can work jointly and share files. The main feature of Google Sites is that the owners of both Google Apps for Business accounts and Personal Google Accounts are allowed to map their Google Site to a custom domain name.

7. Google HotPot – Google HotPot is a service by Google, in which users can rate and review businesses right from a Place Page. This was a thing of past, right now when you will open the official page of HotPot www.google.com/hotpot, you will see that the logo is now replaced with Google Places. The company had announced that they are moving all the reviews and ratings from HotPot to Google Places due to lack of popularity and users.

8. What Do You Love? (From Google) –WDYL (What Do You Love) is a meta search engine from Google. This service is offered by Google to users to find out the best of their searches. I mean when you will search anything on it, then it will display search results on the basis of different ser
vices and factors. This search engines is for those who are searching for a particular topic or thing. I will recommend you to visit this search engine once and use it once. I bet you are going to love this. 

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9. YouTube Feather – Now this one is a sub-product from the Google-owned YouTube product named YouTube Feather. YouTube Feather is a ‘light’ version of YouTube which reduces the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser and gives you a fast YouTube experience. This product is still in working progress so you may not get this on each video. Although there are several videos which are already added into it. You can watch those videos even on a low speed internet connection.

10. Panoramio – Panoramio is a photo sharing tool which allows you to share photos which can be used as a layer in Google Earth and Google Maps. The photos are updated at the end of each month. This website is available in various languages too. The main aim of Panoramio is to allow Google Earth users to learn more about an area by viewing the photos that are taken by other users of that place.

11. Google Ngram Viewer – Google’s Ngram Viewer is a tool which is developed by Google itself and the main aim of it is that it lets you to search your keywords in millions of books over the internet. It is a useful tool for finding trends over time. For some computer and internet geeks Ngram Viewer has some advanced options too. In this you can also search for a particular keywords such as a part of speech or by combining keywords.

12. Schemer – Schemer is just like a to-do list app from Google. You can connect it with your Google+ account. After connecting you can enter your preferences, and Schemer will offer some things to do around your area. You can list things you want to do, share it with other people and at the end mark it as done once you have already accomplished it. This app is very useful for those travelers who want to make the most of out of their tour. Even if you are bored at home, then you can use this to enjoy your day roaming out in the city.

Final Words
So these were some Google Products which are not well known to people. Some of these are still running while some are already dead. Don’t think that only these are the products which you don’t know, there are many more products which still I don’t know :P. If you know any other product of Google which is not very popular, then let me know in the comments, so that I can include it in this list.
So hope you have liked this article. Let me know your views on it via comments.