Best Antivirus for Android Smartphone and Tablet Users

Best+Antivirus+for+Android+Smartphone+and+Tablet Users

Now a days Android is the most preferred and used operating system for mobile and tablets. With the increase in the number of Android OS users the malwares and viruses are also increasing in these types of devices. Only very few Android owner knows about it, rest of them are using it without any protection. Do you that each day, almost 1 million android smartphones gets affected by virus and malwares.

Each android smartphone is connected with online Google and with other social accounts, so the chances of getting a malware installed increases. You might having lots of private information in your android smartphone, such as personal contact numbers, messages, photos, bank account details, credit/debit card details etc. So I will recommend every android mobile and tablet user to install a good antivirus in their device to be safe from latest viruses, Trojans and malwares.

There are many good anti-viruses available for android, some are free and some are paid. Now if you are thinking that paid anti-virus will be better than the free ones then let me tell you that you can also use free anti-virus for your device. There are many free anti-virus available which offers features like a paid one and are trustworthy and works perfectly. You don’t have to worry about the android version, because the apps mentioned here works with previous versions of android OS too.

Below are the Best Free Antivirus Available for Android Smartphone and Tablet: 

So below is the list of the best antivirus apps available for android smartphones and tablets. You can search them on Google Play store from your android device and install them or if you are reading this post from mobile, then simply click on app name and you will be redirected to app’s Google Play page.

Avast Mobile Security (Free) for Android Smartphone and Tablets: 


Avast antivirus is one of the best antivirus available for desktop computers. In case of android smartphones and tablets it is on number 1 too. This antivirus is paid software for Desktop computers but for android smartphones and tablets it is available for free on Google Play store. This is a fantastic free app which offers great features too. There is a feature in it which is known as “Auto Scanning”. This features keeps on scanning your phone even if you are not using it. It automatically deletes infected files from your device. This app keeps scanning those websites which you visit from your device.

There are two more awesome features in it.
1.    Firewall
2.    Anti-Theft

By using Firewall you can stop all type of network connections like Wi-Fi and Cellular Network. You can use this feature when you are in a meeting or in anti-mobile zone. By using firewall you can protect any app to use network. If you are traveling somewhere and you don’t have any roaming plans activated on your device, then you can use this feature to turn of data connections. This feature can help you to save a lot of money.

AVG Anti-Virus (Free) for Android Smartphone and Tablets:


AVG Antivirus is one of the biggest company which offers security products for both desktops and mobile devices. AVG Antivirus is well known antivirus for desktop devices. AVG also offers antivirus for android devices. You can download AVG Antivirus for android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store.

This is an amazing antivirus which scans your media files, settings and your apps too. When it finds any infected files then it shows them in category (content, applications and settings). You can also track your phone when lost. You can also kill those apps which are killing your device battery life.

This antivirus also secure your device from online malwares and harmful sites. When you are downloading any apps or files, then this antivirus scans that file, app before downloading for malwares, 
viruses, spywares and trojans.

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Dr. Web Anti-Virus (Free) for Android Smartphone and Tablets:


Dr. Web is another great antivirus which gives your device maximum protection. This antivirus can terminate the malicious processes even when your device is locked. This antivirus can scan your device in three types of forms like quick scan, full scan and custom scan. This antivirus have a new awesome feature which is called Origins Tracing which can detects latest unknown viruses and malwares.

This antivirus protects your SD card from “Autorun Files and Exploit.Cpllnk” viruses, which can damage your desktop computers too when you will attach your card with them. Dr. Web Antivirus also offers some great features like spam protection, call blocking, data backup, and many more. When this antivirus detects any infected file then it move it to quarantine, from where isolated files can be restored.

Lookout Mobile Security & Antivirus (Free) for Android Smartphone and Tablets:


Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus app is one of the most useful and awesome security app for android smartphone and tablets. If you want to protect your device from latest infections like spam, viruses, malwares or other kinds of infections then I will recommend you to download this app. You will feel safe after installing this app. There are a lot of options available in this app. You can also run a schedule scan with this application.

This app can also be useful if you lost your device. You can also backup your device using this app. There is only one limitation of this app that is it consumes much memory as compared to other apps. This app was also featured on TechCrunch in the category of “Top 10 Best Free Apps”.

Trend Micro for Mobile:


This is another great security app for android users. I personally recommend this app. This app protects your privacy, can find your device when lost. You can also backup your device using this app. The Trend Micro’s mobile solutions program is also similar to the seamless security system known as “Titanium Security”. This app also improves your Facebook privacy and identifies malicious apps and remove them. This app can also scan apps and files before downloading.

There are lot more features that are available in this app like free antivirus scanner, free 50MB of cloud storage to store your contacts, photos, and media files, etc. You can also use premium features of this app for first 30 days. After that you can upgrade to the premium version or keep using the free features. According to this app gives you 100% detection against malicious apps.

Comodo Mobile Security & Antivirus (Free) for Android Smartphone and Tablets:


Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus gives you real time protection against latest infections like spams, viruses and malwares. This app can also optimize your device for best use. There is an awesome feature in this app which gives you a notifications if it finds any malware or virus. To scan your mobile or tablet you can simply click on Health Check button and this app will scan your whole device. You can also set a password to private contacts, so from next time if you want to call or message on that number, you will have to enter password. This feature can be very useful if anyone else uses your phone or you want some privacy. It also checks for the online infections while you are surfing the internet.

There is a software manager in this app which helps you to manage all apps of you device at one place. You can view all installed apps, take backup of them or you can uninstall them. With a single tap you can easily restore any uninstalled apps. Comodo Mobile Security gives you full visibility and control over running processes. You can view all running apps, memory they are using and you can simply close them from this app. You can also clear temporary files in cache memory which may be slowing down your mobile or tablet.


So these were the best antivirus for android smartphones and tablet users. I hope you have liked them and you have found the best one for your device. There are lot more alternatives available in Google Play Store, but I will recommend you to use any of the above app for best protection and optimization of your android phone or tablets.

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