Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions/Add-Ons – Top 10

Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions/Add-Ons – Top 10
Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browser for both windows and android users. Mozilla offers millions of add-ons to its users, which can increase the browsing experience. It is developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Firefox is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android OS based devices. If you are looking for a flexible and easily customizable browser, then I will recommend you to download Mozilla Firefox. You can easily increase the productivity of this browser, as there are millions of add-ons and scripts available for it. There are a lot of options available in developer menu too, which can be used easily with just single click. So this is the best web browser for hardcore computer users and for computer geeks. You can download this web browser from Mozilla Firefox Download Page.

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Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons:

1) WOT:
This one is the best add-on which is offered by Mozilla. Even I am using it too. WOT (Web of Trust) is a huge community that asses the value and rates of the popular Web. This browser add-on is featured as the most popular extension of 2013. After installing this add-on you will see its button on the top right corner of the browser. When you will visit any page on the internet, you can see its ‘scorecard ‘using the extension’s icon in the top right of your browser. This extension will tell you that the page you are visiting is trustworthy or not. This extension will also tell you that the page is containing any malware, spyware or any other harmful thing or not.

2) Saved Password Editor:
Having a password manager app is always a good thing. I too use password manager, because remembering all websites passwords is a tough work. There are many site which offer to save your passwords but what if the site you are visiting doesn’t offer to save your password? At that time you can use this add-on. While entering information you can save your information in this add-on too, so from next time you can insert your info in just one click.

3) Firebug:
Firebug is a small yet powerful add-on which lets you to edit, debug or monitor HTML, CSS or JavaScript on any web page you visit.
To edit any website, Firebug automatically activates the HTML, CSS and DOM tabs as soon as you open it. This extension will also help you to focus on your work by disabling all other features of browser. So it means you can easily concentrate in editing website.

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4) Adblock Plus:
Adblock Plus is an extension which will help you to get rid of those annoying ads and banners which slows down the page loading speed and consumes a lot of bandwidth too. To block those nasty ads and pop-up all you have to do is to right-click on a banner and choose “Adblock” from the context menu – the banner won’t be downloaded again. Maybe even replace parts of the banner address with star symbols to block similar banners as well. When you will run Adblock Plus for the very first time then you will have to select a filter subscription, then after that all work will be done by Adblock Plus. The filter subscription will block most advertisements automatically.

5) GreaseMonkey:
GreaseMonkey is GreaseMonkey is an add-on which will allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of Firefox browser. There are thousands of scripts already available for free for it.
The main purpose of GreaseMonkey is to manage user scripts. You can customize the web experience according to your need by just installing any user script. GreaseMonkey will never change or install any script without informing you. So it is trustworthy and useful too.

6) No Script:
This extension is designed to prevent JavaScript and Flash scripts from being executed by your browser. This amazing add-on will give you an extra layer of protection by blocking clickjacking and other potential threats from your browser.
From the options window you can select that which script should be allowed and which should be blocked. Not only this, if you are on a web page and this extension have blocked some features or functions of it, still you can access them by allowing them with just few clicks from this extension menu.

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7) DownloadThem All:
DownThemAll is an extension which will help you to download almost anything from the web pages with just few clicks. There are plenty of settings available in this extension. You can even create your own profile with your settings. Don’t worry about something wrong, because you can always reset every settings to default with just one click.
This downloader extension allows you limit the bandwidth and functions of a multi-part downloadable file. Another great feature of this extension is that you can always pause and resume the downloading file, which will keep your downloading safe from being corrupted.

8) Fox Clocks:
Fox Clocks is an extension that lets you to keep an eye on the time around the world by putting small clocks in your status bar. You can also set each clock's color, or even have a clock change color during certain hours. This add-on is available in more than 20 languages. If you have Google Earth, then there is something amazing for you. Fox Clocks can take you to any location in its database through Google Earth. To do this just right click on it, and choose Google Earth.

9) Foxy Tunes:
Foxy Tunes is another Firefox add-on that allows you to control your music player right from the browser. User interface of this extension is easy to use and is highly customizable. When you will open it, it will show you a navigation array with lots of buttons like Play, Pause, Mute, Next Track, Last Track, Volume, and the useful Show Player, which unhides your music player. There are many more features in it, like Music Search tool, Keyboard Shortcuts, and a mini player that places the app controls on your desktop.

10) X-Notifier:
X-Notifier which is also known as WebMail Notifier. It checks your webmail accounts and notifies you about the number of unread emails. You can also use multiple accounts from the same extension. Currently supports - Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Daum (,, Naver, Nate, POP3/IMAP, RSS. You can also connect it with some social networking and other sites. Sites/Accounts supported by it are Facebook, AdSense, Twitter, LinkedIn,,,,,,

So this is it. You are at the end now. Having add-ons in browser can increase your productivity and increase your browsing experience too. The add-ons mentioned in this article are chosen by keeping different factors in mind. All these have different function from each other.
Hope you have liked the article. Please let me know your views via comments.