Best Softwares For Windows, Linux and Mac To Increase Productivity


Hello friends I hope you all are doing well. I was just searching for some products for my PC to increase its speed and to make it looks professional. So I have decided to share those tools with you all, so that you can increase the productivity of you desktop/laptop too. These tools will be very helpful for you if you are a daily computer user like me. I have already shared Top 21 Basic Softwares For Windows Users. If you have missed that, read it here Top 21 Basic Softwares For Windows Users.

List Of Best Softwares To Increase Productivity Of Computer

1. F.lux

To keep your eyes safe if you are adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation of your pc daily then you can use F.lux. This tool is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux. This tool tracks the location of your system and identifies the time of your region then it automatically adjusts the color tone of the screen. This tool will be very helpful to you if you use your system at night. By using this tool you can work for longer time and there will be no stress on your eyes. This tool can automatically identifies your location but if you want more accuracy, then you can adjust the location and time in it. Once everything is done, the F.lux will do its work regularly. To download F.lux you can visit its F.lux Official Site

2. TypeIt4Me

TypeIt4Me is a text expander for Mac. Every time when you will type any text from your keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help you to do it faster and more accurately. This tool can correct spellings too. Everyone who uses computer faces problem of typos, so in that situation you can be dependent on TypeIt4Me. Once you have used this tool for some time then this tool will automatically stores your name, email and signature, so that from next time you can just add your info with a single click. This tool is available for Mac users only at 30 days trial, after that you can purchase it $19.99. There is a student version of this tool too which costs around $13.99. You can read more or download this tool from TypeIt4Me’s Official Site. Windows users can use PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress is very similar to TypeIt4Me. Windows users can download PhraseExpress form PhraseExpress’s Official Website.

3. Manic Time 

Manic Time is a free tool which monitors the activities of your system. This tool works in the background, so there will be no annoying pop-up by this tool. It keeps monitoring the programs that are used on your system in whole day and it also monitors the time that you have spent on your computer each day. When you are going to shut down your system and going to take sleep, before that you can see a complete report of the day. The user interface of this tool is simple and easy to use, so you will not need to worry before using it. There are many other tools better than this but let me tell you one thing more about this tool is that, this tool doesn’t sent the gathered information of your system to its servers back, instead of that it stores all the information on your local machine. You can delete it anytime. You can download this awesome tool from Manic Time’s Official Site.

4. Self-Control

This software is available for Mac users only. While doing any work to be safe from any problem mac users can use this free tool. This tool will block all the servers of websites and emails while doing work. This software can also block internet access from your system for a limited period of time. You can set the blocking time according to your need. Once the program is started, then it will block all programs and options selected, there is no way to cancel the blocking time. The blocked apps will be only useable only after the blocking time is over. This tool can be very useful for those who want to concentrate on their work. You can download this tool for Self Control’s Official Site.

5. Launchy

Launchy is the best cross platform free program launcher. With just few keystrokes you can open your documents, files, folders, and bookmarks. There are many more features available in this software. This tool is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There are many keyboard shortcuts available in this tool which can be used to search Google, Check the weather, search other sites, browse your computer files and folders. You can use built in calculator with just a keystroke. You can also Index your music, pictures, bookmarks, and folders into it. You can download Launchy from its Official Site.

6. LightShot

Lightshot is a free utility software which is available for windows and mac for free. This is a screen capturing software with lot of options and features. This app allows you to select any area of your desktop and takes its screenshot with just 2 button clicks. The user interface of this app is also good. It is very easy to use application. You can also upload your taken screenshots to your online account to get a web link of it. You can also edit the screenshots instantly when taking them. If you want to find similar images then you can select any part of the image and you will be able to find hundreds of similar images on the web. Browser extension of this tool is also available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. You can download this tool for windows and mac from its Official Site.

7. IObit Uninstaller

IObit uninstaller is a free software which can help you in uninstalling softwares. It is must fast and advanced then basic control panel add/remove programs uninstalling. There is another alternative of IObit uninstaller that is Revo Uninstaller, which is good too. You can download this uninstaller from IObit’s Official Site.

8. CCleaner

If you want to increase the speed of your computer and want to use it more effectively, then you should use CCleaner. This freeware utility removes unused files from your system, freeing up valuable hard disk space. It increases your privacy online and make your computer more secure. This software is easy to use and it is small too, so it will not consume much space of your hard disk. This tool clears temporary files, history, download history, cookies, form history and much more from browsers. From computer it cleans recycle bin, recent documents list, log files and temporary files. This tool can also clean registry for old and unused registry entries. you can download this software from CCleaner’s Official Site.

This is a complete list of some softwares which I have and I think every PC user must have to increase the productivity. These all are basic softwares and you will need them if you use your PC often. Hope you have liked the article. If you want to provide any feedback or you know any other software which can be useful for a PC user then please comment below.