The New Way To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog – Crokes Review

The New Way To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog – Crokes Review

Hello friends in this post I am going to tell you about The New Way To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog. This is a working way and I have used it too. This is an all new way to drive some organic traffic to your blog/website. Everyone wants to drive traffic to their blog without social media, because social media traffic is not termed as good in eyes on Google and Alexa. Oh yes this way is going to increase your Alexa ranking too.

I think now I should disclose the way now. There is a site which sends organic and real visitors to your blog once you have shared your link in it. Below I have provided a detailed information about that site. The name of that site is CROKES. Crokes is a new social networking site (not like Facebook…LOL). It is a website in which you can share your blog posts and that post will be visible to hundreds, even to thousands of other members and in no time, you will start getting traffic from it.

About Crokes

Crokes is a worldwide social networking service that lets you stay updated with companies, organizations, interests, companies and people you care. You can read and post updates easily once you have signed up for Crokes. You can post any update which is limited to 300 character.

Your updates can include a link to any web content (blog post, website page, PDF document, etc.) or a photograph or video. Unregistered users can only read updates whereas registered users can read, write and share updates. Crokes was launched in February 2014 Crokes is available on all devices. Without any app you can access Crokes on your browsers and save the memory of your device. Currently Crokes is a nonprofit website. Crokes is free to register.

How Crokes Is Unique

In the social media world, Crokes falls into the category of microblogging tools because of the short, disconnected messages it distributes.

Crokes shares some features which are like as common to other social media websites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. However, there are some differences.

Facebook: An update on Crokes is just like a status update on Facebook, but the difference is that your update on Crokes is shown on all of your followers profile.

Pinterest: Crokes also allows you to post images. Difference in Crokes and Pinterest is that you can have a better conversation with commentator. The user interface of comments is much better than of Pinterest.

LinkedIn: In LinkedIn you can follow a person only when he/she agrees but unlike it in Crokes you can also follow a complete stranger without any limitations.

Google+: When you will share a link, then it will just look like a Google+ Update. The layout is same of both

YouTube: Like YouTube you can also post videos on Crokes, but you can’t create channel in it.

How to Use Crokes for Business and Marketing

There are many people who use social media websites for their Business and Marketing purposes. So here is a good news for all those people, that they can use Crokes too for business and marketing purpose. Your status shares will be seen by thousands of people and I am sure that it will give you a little increase for sure.

You can read more at How to Use Crokes for Business and Marketing. 

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The Crokes Team

Crokes is a website which is formed by 4 young boys. Below are their names and details.

Shonik Raj – Founder and CEO
Shonik Raj – Founder and CEO

Akshay-Yadav – Senior Head Creative
Akshay-Yadav – Senior Head Creative 

Prince-Lamar – Promoter
Prince-Lamar – Promoter

Honey-Saini – Campaign Manager
Honey-Saini – Campaign Manager 

More From Crokes

1. They don’t store your personal information like Facebook, Twitter.
2. Crokes doesn’t collect and save your identifying data.
3. You will not find even a single advertisement on Crokes.


There are many more websites on the internet which allows you to share your blog links and other updates. Crokes is a new social networking platform and a worth try. Their traffic sources are still confidential so you might face some problems with AdSense as my is Banned now. I am not saying that it is just because of Crokes but the reason behind banning was INVALID CLICKS, and traffic source of Crokes is not mentioned so maybe it was just because of Crokes. Beside this it was a fair experience with Crokes and I will still recommend this to newbies specially to try this once if they are not getting traffic.

So here comes and end to The New Way To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog guide. Hope this will help you to get some decent traffic to your blog. Still a lot more traffic generation guides to be posted on TechyShacky. Stay connected.