Track/Find Your Lost Android Phone Using These Apps


Now a days everyone owns a smartphone and the number of android users are much more than any other mobile OS users. Every mobile user have some personal and business information in his/her smartphone. And the cases of mobile theft are also increasing day by day, therefore when it comes to managing these devices, you should take extra care while protecting these to avoid loss of critical information. There are many apps available for android users which can help them to trace their lost or stolen android smartphone.

Best Android Apps to find your Lost Android Mobile

Locate My Droid

Locate My Droid is one of the best apps to find out your lost or stolen android smartphone. In case your phone is stolen or misplaced, then you can login to see it’s location. This is a fantastic app which lets you to trace your phone in real time and it works worldwide. Just note one thing that after downloading and installing this app, you have to activate it in order to trace your mobile. With this app you can check on your lost phone, trace it, find it via GPS, and you can even trigger a noise to find it.

Where’s My Droid

This is another great app which is full of unique features. There are some features in which are quite different from other and will help you to locate your missed phone easily. If your phone is misplaced then you can use this app to ring it, even that on very high volume. This app can also show you the location of your mobile on Google Maps, so if you are unable to hear the volume of your mobile, even then you can find it. With this app you can make your cell phone vibrate/ring, find it using GPS tracking, protect using passcode, get notified if SIM card is changed, and the best thing is that, this phone will not drain your android phone’s battery.


AntiDroidTheft is a security app, which will help you to tighten the security of your android device. This app can track the location of your android device, trigger the app to take pictures, and see them on their website. You can also view the current location of your android device via GPS. You will be notified if there is any changes made to your phone number or SIM. You can also view and delete the photos taken from your device’s camera and even other photos of camera roll. In this list this app is the oldest of all. Many users are using this app to increase the safety of their android device.

Android Lost

I am in love with this app 😛

Yes it is true. This app is just like a nightmare for the thief who have stolen your device, because you can control your android device with it remotely via sms and internet. This app offers a lot of great features which other apps doesn’t. You can lock your smartphone, wipe and lock the phone, erase the SD card’s data, locate it with the help of GPS network, remotely trigger SMS alarm, sms lock and unlock, start/stop GPS and Wi-Fi, get notified if the SIM is removed or changed, get call log, take image from the rear and front camera, issue commands with the help of SMS, restore settings, use mic to record sound, check the browser’s content and so on. Huh I am so tired typing all these features, still they are not completed 😀 Just last thing what I would like to say about this app is that, this app will make your phone useless to the thief. Isn’t that amazing.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is another great android app which is made just to help you in case you have lost or misplaced your phone. It works the same if your device has been stolen. With this app you can easily track the location of your device via GPS, so there won’t be any problem in finding your lost/stolen device. This app is absolutely free and you can use it with a single account up to 3 devices at a single time. This app will let you to find your device via Wi-Fi and GPS. There are several things which you can do with this app like you can get the pictures clicked from the smartphone’s rear and front camera, trigger an alarm even if your phone is on silent, you can lock your smartphone and even you can get the  information from the network to get details about exact pinpointing. According to me it is the best app to find a lost/stolen android device.


So these were some best android apps which can help you to find your lost or stolen android smartphone.

All of the above apps are different from each other and have it’s own unique functions. I will recommend you to download at least one of the above apps to ensure safety and to maintain security and privacy of your android smartphone.