Interview With Jitendra Vaswani From Sharing Blogging Strategies


Sharing Blogging Strategies

Tell us about your early days and education?

Hi, Anshul thanks for inviting to your blog for this interview. I am Jitendra Vaswani owner of, an internet marketing blog. 
I am engineering pass out from IT branch 2012. I have done engineering from Jaipur. After completing my engineering I realized that coding was not my cup of tea, so I entered in online marketing domain. I started working in small start-up and learned many things there itself. I gained interest in SEO, social media & link building soon I decided to make my career in digital marketing. I have now experience of 3 yrs in digital marketing. Currently I quitted my job and working on my new digital marketing agency where I will be providing all digital marketing solutions.

When you have started blogging?

I have started blogging in 2012 using platform I learned many things from this free WordPress blog, then in 2013 I officially purchased my first domain I started blogging in August 2013 on BloggersIdeas. To learn better blogging I used to read many online many online marketing blogs like SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineJournal, QuickSprout, MOZ & many other top blogs.
If you want to do better blogging you need to be updated with latest Google algorithms. 

How many blogs you have? 

Currently I have 2 blogs. One free wordpress blog, another is BloggersIdeas. Soon I am planning to open tech blog on BloggersIdeas sub-domain. So I will be into tech niche soon.
I have many niche blogs also cant disclose here 😛

Give us latest statistics (Visitors, earning and other that you want to share) of your blog BloggersIdeas.

Regarding till now I haven’t shared single post for monthly earnings. I don’t share still. I am not pro blogger who are making millions, I am still in learning phase like all you bloggers.
Visitors on my blog are 20k+ monthly.
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Tell us something about your blog?

BloggersIdeas is a blog where I share knowledge on SEO, Social Media, Link Building, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress & some good Online Marketing experts interviews too. 
If  newbies looking to start a blog, they can find some valuable resource of knowledge here on my blog. Top online marketing experts like Ann Smarty, Zac Johnson, Neil Patel & many more bloggers are featured here. They have shared their valuable key points. So I am sure from blog they will get good knowledge for sure. Subscribe to my blog feed for more insights. 

From where, you got the name and idea of your blog?

In back 2013 I was searching for some unique domain for my blog. So I got this idea, why I cant buy domain BloggersIdeas. I need domain which have blogger keyword in it. So I bought this domain & I am loving it. Choosing a good domain is always very crucial for blogs. Having unique domain name always gives you better chance to grow.

Tell us how you climb the success ladder as a time line?

Through my blog I have got some good fame. I loved it also. If you keep sharing great content with your community you will eventually grow very fast. Help you fellow community members always. Develop good relationships with skilled folks. This will help you to grow better. Good relationship helps you to get more visibility and better chance to get more projects & clients for your business.I have got many good clients through my blog. Your network decided your net worth. Remember it.

What made you most trouble and how you came from that when you have started blogging?

In the beginning I faced many crisis while launching my blog. I wasn’t aware of WordPress platform much. So it was difficult for me handle all things alone. I am not good coder too. WordPress have extensive php coding. I m very dumb at coding. So slowly I have learned WordPress by my own , I read blogs online & find solutions for my problems. It was very tough for me as I am bad coder. So for blogger basic coding is imp. If a blogger is a good coder then he will surely make huge money in blogging for sure.

What is your success secret?

My success secret for my blog is sharing content to my readers & building healthy relationships with my community. This has always help to get some good clients. So make good connection & build your authority in blogging. Then people will eventually follow you. Internet marketers like Neil Patel, Zac Johnson & John Chow are inspiration for all of us. Learn from them. I always learn from all top IM’s.

What tools do you use?

Tools I use
Google analytics
Advanced web ranking
SEO spyglass
IB tool

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What bloggers should do and what not should do?

Bloggers should always focus on learning from pro bloggers who have gone through lot of hurdles in beginning & have build their authority in online marketing. Always share your knowledge with your good blogger buddies. This in turn you will increase your knowledge. Don’t be so mean to bloggers, someday you will need them for some work. So healthy relationship will help you to make more money. Don’t betray or cheat for money thing. This will hurt you in long term.

Name some bloggers that you have got inspiration or your icon bloggers?

There are many bloggers who have inspired me, I respect all pro bloggers. 
Neil Patel
Zac Johnson
John Chow
Harsh Aggarwal
Ana Hoffman
Chitraparna Sinha

Give your suggestions for the new bloggers?

For all new bloggers out there, I would suggest that try to have patience in blogging. You cannot instantly make money in blogging. Blogging needs patience, first learn as many things you can learn in blogging. Read good blogs & take knowledge from there. This will help you to be better blogger.
Make your blog design neat & clean. Optimized well & have great content on your blog. Never copy other bloggers content.
Keep learning & keep rocking in blogging.