Market Fit Plan for Samsung Galaxy Note 5


There is vast product portfolio of Samsung Corporation. One of the key drivers for the brand name of Samsung is its smartphone line. Other products of Samsung that are easily available in the market are Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Digital cameras and video camcorders, Air conditioners, Refrigeration Systems, Microwave systems, Printers , DVD – CD Writers and readers, Mouse, Webcams, Keyboards, Desktop Cabinets, Scanners, Print-Scan-Copy, LED, LCD televisions. A certain type of brand image is seen among the customers towards Samsung. 

“I have been using almost all of my Samsung products at home like, Laptop, tablet, LCD, Samsung Grand 2, I would also recommend you to buy Samsung products. Because of their quality service, Samsung products are the best”Anil Kumar Varma, Shopkeeper, Periapt, Canada

This feedback was taken by one of the marketing agent working at Samsung’s Regional office in Delhi. Customers have created a perception in mind that if somebody wants to buy a phone then Latter would recommend him Samsung. But why this type of perception? Why customers are attracting towards Samsung? What type of tablet is Samsung giving to its customers when they use these phones?
Well there are thousands of questions coming in minds of developers at Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Micromax, Karbonn, XOLO,etc. 

Release date 

The upcoming release from Samsung in September 2015 is Its Galaxy Note 5. Samsung has been setting up various plans for its marketing , advertising, Promotions. You have been watching advertisement on TV about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with tagline” Now every presentation in seconds, Donot bypass your important work with Note 4” The S Pen is the right hand of Samsung Note series. 
The release price of Samsung galaxy Note 5 would be Rs 57421 but as soon as other mobile manufacturers would start introducing competitive phones Samsung would start dropping the price. This has remained the favorite strategy of Samsung.  The latest Bluetooth 5.0 has been included in the phone as another promoting push from Samsung that it has packed the phone with one of the most needy specification that is wireless transfer Bluetooth with latest version 5.0. These days every body knows that Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest version which quickly connects any A2DP device with Bluetooth and A2DP enabled phone. You can imagine if someone here’s that Samsung is coming up with the new Galaxy Note series that is Note 5 with Bluetooth 5.0 then they would start searching internet about more features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and when suddenly an attracting image of Note 5 appears then they would fall in love and would be ready and keen to buy whenever the smartphone would be released.

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Other features

Other features that have been already under scanner among consumers include haptic response, Musical and Polyphonic ringtones, Thermometer, heart rate monitor, calories meter. 
Do you think every company markets just to grab customers? Definitely yes but there is another reason behind that is to be on Top. If any particular company is on top then so is there profits and revenues. Samsung uses sever marketing Mix plans especially for its Note Series.