Samsung Galaxy S7 - Get Ready To Be Amazed With It's Wonderful Features


As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released and had heated up the market with its superb selling rate that is better than any other company. The Samsung sold more than 60 million Smartphones last year, which is quite surprising selling rate. As you know, every company follows the trend that the successor is always better than its predecessor. Therefore, it also expected from the Samsung that the Galaxy S7, the upcoming Smartphone, will be better than the Galaxy S6 in the case of each and everything. As you know, Samsung is a popular Korean company of the Smartphone that has been fulfilling the demands of its customers and making them satisfied with its Smartphones.

Expected Features Of The Galaxy S7

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will consist of the improved and the latest features that will be better than the previous release. Therefore, you must be ready to see these wonderful features of the Galaxy S7. All the latest features of this Smartphone are going to give a tough competition to all other companies in the market and also these features will be the improved version of all the previous S series. Here are some exciting features of the Galaxy S7, which are explained as below:


As this is the everyone’s dream to get a high resolution camera with high mega pixels in it. Therefore, the megapixels of the camera of the Galaxy S7 is surely going to surprise you, since it will consist of a camera of 30MP. Surprised? Well, it must be surprising as a Smartphone will consist of such a big megapixel in it. The front camera of the S7 will be of 10 mega pixels that can be used for selfies, video chatting and various other purposes. The main benefit of getting such megapixel is that you will get a good clarity and an accuracy of the images as well as the videos.


The Galaxy S7 is supposed to have an AMOLED 4K display that will be quite superb. The size of the display of this Smartphone is expected to be 5.5 inches. 

Water-Resistant Technology

As per the rumors, the S7 will have a water-resistant body, therefore, there will be no problem related to water for this Smartphone. The technology used in this Smartphone will be waterproof technology, which will protect the Smartphone from water. Also, the Galaxy S7 will have a dust-proof body, hence, it will also be protected from dust.

Network Connection

As you know, all other companies of the Smartphones support the 4G network only. But you will be amazed after knowing that the Galaxy S7 will support the 5G network, which will enhance the speed of your Smartphone and also improve the browsing experience of yours. There  will also be an option of WIFI connectivity is available on the network that will add value to its features. 

Infared Sensors

This S7 will also have the infared sensors that can be used for determining the body temperature. Also, it will give quite efficient and accurate measure of the body.

So, you must be prepared to enjoy such kind of features in the Smartphone.