Alexa Ranking – How does it Work? Guide to Get Started

 In today’s world a blog is considered as good according to its Alexa Rank. But many people doesn't know that How Is Alexa Rank Calculated. Most of the people only search for how to increase Alexa or how to increase Alexa rank quickly. There are many other ways in which a blog can be ranked but due to the regular updates of Alexa Toolbar, Alexa ranking have got top priority these days. Even some people consider a blog good by looking only at Alexa rank of that blog, not by its content.

Alexa Ranking – How does it Work? Guide to Get Started
Alexa Ranking – How does it Work? Guide to Get Started

I know some of you will not agree with me but trust me guys most of the people now a days judge the quality of blog by just seeing the Alexa rank of blog. So it’s time for you to take it seriously if you want your blog to get more visitors and reputation. Before knowing how to improve your blog Alexa rank, let me tell you that how Alexa ranking works...
I tried my best to make it 100% best and to cover all the points so that you can completely understand about working of Alexa Ranking.

What is Alexa Rank? is owned by one of the most reputed company in the world Amazon. They rank every blog/website by considering some factors. The lesser the rank of blog, the higher is the reputation. So if you want a high reputed blog then try to bring down your Alexa ranking. I have posted another article about Why your Blog, Website Alexa Ranking is Not Improving even though your Traffic is Increasing.

How does this Alexa Ranking work?

Most of the people think that a blog/website with good Alexa rank have good amount of traffic, but this is not true. Alexa doesn’t deal with blog/website traffic. They just rank blogs and websites on some factors, most of them are not yet revealed. Some of them which are known are mentioned below.
Alexa only counts those hits which passes through their system. One more shocking but true fact is that they only count those visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser and ignore those visitors who doesn't have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Alexa also have a pro membership option in which they will tell you about some other factors on which they rank your blogs/website.

So what kind of Blogs have Good Alexa Ranking?

Blogs with niche related to Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO, and Making Money Tips are ranked well in Alexa as compared to other niche sites.
Now I think 1 question is striking your mind that why only these niche sites have good Alexa rank? The answer is very simple, because of their visitors and their browsers. Visitors of these niche blogs are technology lovers too and have some blogs of these niche too, so naturally they will have Alexa toolbar installed on their browser.
So I think now you have enough knowledge about the Alexa ranking and how blog/websites are ranked in Alexa. So stop thinking like that a blog with good Alexa ranking have good traffic and blog with low Alexa rank doesn't get much traffic. Alexa ranking is nothing but just a ranking system for blogs which ranks blogs on some factors of their own.