Learn On Page SEO and Off Page SEO From Your Competitor – Guide By Newbie Blogger

 As we all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a major role in ranking of blog and in getting traffic. There are various parts of SEO. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Keyword Researching, Using SEO optimized template are some major ways in which a blogger can rank high in search engines. 

Link Building and Social Media Marketing are also included in SEO as they increases a blog’s reputation and traffic. It is not at all an easy task to do the SEO work as you don’t know that which kind of element will work for you and which not. So if you are going to write a post and you want to do some SEO work on it then I will recommend you to first do a research of your competitor’s blog. 
Ahh…Did I say copy SEO work of your competitor’s blog…?
Absolutely not. Never ever do that. I am not telling you to copy from your competitor’s blog, I am saying to do a research of it.
So you are not getting my point…ok let me elaborate it for you.

In this article I will tell you about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. These are the two categories in which all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work is divided. So let me tell you what your first work is.
First of all decide a good topic for your blog post and do some keyword researching on it. There are many tools available to do that. For best results I will recommend you to use Google AdWords. Select some good keywords with low competition. Now go to Google and search for your keyword and open some results and read them. Select the best article from them and find out which keywords are used by the blog owner. Now write your post and use your own keywords and well as those keywords which are used by your competitor. For best results try to write your post 1000+ words long. Google prefer to rank high longer post then short one. 
So now you have successfully written you post including your own and competitor keywords. It not the end friend. Now you have to the On Page SEO and Off Page SEO work which will help you to rank high in search engines.

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On-Page SEO
1. The main and most important thing on which you should focus is Title and Meta Description of blog post. You can easily see title and description of your competitor post. You can easily see and identify the keywords used by your competitor in his post title. But what about Meta Description? When you will see his post in Google then the description below title and above link is called Meta Description and bold words are his keywords.

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2. Images plays an important role in SEO. You can get daily 500-600 visitors if you will use a good image in your blog post. Most of the searches in Google are of Images. So make sure to add proper Alt Image Tag in your blog post image.

3. Internal Linking is the most important of all when it comes to On Page SEO work. You can easily see how many internal links are there in your competitor post and which type of post linking he had done. Internal linking means providing other links of your own blog posts in your post. Internal linking will also help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog.

4. URL or Permalink of a blog post is also important in SEO. First note the URL of your competitor post and try to make better URL then him by using good keywords. Make sure your URL structure is small and contains your primary keywords. According to many pro bloggers having 3-4 words in URL will help you to rank higher in search engines.

5. Quality is king and we all know that. You have heard this line many times but have you ever applied this line on your blog posts? According to me a blogger should write his posts for his visitors not for Google or search engines. So I will recommend you to maintain quality of your blog post. Don’t write it to rank high. Write it to help visitors.

Off-Page SEO
1. Off Page SEO is also important if you want to rank high. Inbound links can help you in getting rankings. There are many websites like Yahoo Site Explorer by which you can check inbound links of you competitor and you can make more than him. 

2. You have to find out that on which social networking sites your competitor had shared his post. Social Networking these days are termed as key factor to get success. You can easily get visitors, customers to your blog using social networking site such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. You should create your profile on these top social networking sites are start building your empire. After some time you will came to know how these site are helping you in SEO. Getting +1’s in Google+ will help you to get good ranking whereas getting Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections will help you to get customers. 

3. There is another important thing which is included in SEO is submitting your blog post to search engines. Search engines will automatically add your post into them but it can take time. So it’s better to submit your post manually to them so that your post can rank fast. Your competitor is ranking high because he have submitted his post to various search engines. Try to do the same.

4. There is another way to rank high in search engines and that is Forum Submission. If you could find forums which are used by your competitor then it will be awesome. Try to post in same category with your link. Commenting on forums, giving advice, replying to threads and submitting interesting post into forums can help you to build reputation which will help you to get so many trustworthy visitors. I will recommend you to find such blogs which offers “Do-Follow” backlinks so that when search engines crawl them, you can rank high.

5. At last but not the least I will recommend you to add trending and catchy words while promoting your post such as, Top Lists, How To…Tutorials, Viral Videos, etc. it will help you to get visitors in no time and these keywords generally rank high. You can also add Infographics into your post. This will increase your chances of ranking high by 120%. Make a document of words which are used by your competitor to promote, and which words got more exposure.

So these are the top ways in which you can learn the SEO from your competitor. It is not that if you will do more SEO work then you will rank high, doing proper SEO will help you to rank high. If you want to ask questions or want to provide any feedback then please comment below. One more thing I would like to mention is “Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching”.