Upcoming Technologies – LG G5 Features, Release Date, Price

Upcoming Technologies – LG G5 Features, Release Date, Price

Hello people! Hope you enjoyed this year as the landmark in the field of technology and smart phones and all sort of gadgets. This year proved to be a blessing for the tech geeks as they witnessed the spurt of smart phones and phablets in the tech market. Are you sad that this great year full of tech is coming to an end??

Don’t be!! We are here to tell you that you have more and more surprises stored in the coming year. There is a lot more to happen in the coming year in the arena of technology and gadgets. We have already seen some too companies grabbing the great share of tech market and tech lovers being crazy after them. The coming year is also going to see them rocking in the tech world?

The coming is obviously going to see the arrival of Apple iPhone, Samsung’s S6 and S7 and its phablets. However, that doesn’t imply that other smart phone manufacturers have stigmatised. LG has also taken a leap and its going to launch its G4 and G5
So today we will take you on a ride to let you know more about your very own LG’s G5.

Features of LG G5

1. LG G5 is going to come with a bigger display, though the size isn’t known yet. But tech experts are expecting LG to widen it.
2. Tech experts are also expecting an enhanced battery power as it’s the basic step in any advancement. Battery would at least be of 4000mAh.
3. Another good news is there for you! You will be getting an ultra power saving mode. Now no worries if your battery is done in the mid of the day.
4. A good camera is also waiting for the photography lovers! LG G5 is working on providing an amazing camera to its smart cum photogenic cum photographer followers, as per the tech experts.
5. Memory house is probably going to come in 2 variants 32 GB and 64 GB.
6. Protection will also be provided to your phone via water and dust proof technology.

Cheer up guys!! Welcome the coming year with all these new technologies. New Year has a lot for everyone. Don’t you feel so?? But there is a long waiting period to experience them! Let’s see what the speculations has to say about it…!

Release Date and Specs of LG G5:-

If we look at the older trend of  LG releasing dates which can be observed from the below given information, we can easily say that for LG G5 , you will have to wait for a year or so as it’s not going to be launched before the last quarter of 2015.

  • LG G2 was launched in August, 2013
  • LG G3 was launched in June, 2014
  • LG G4 expected to be launched around the above mentioned months in 2015

That makes the launch of LG G5 impossible before the last quarter of the coming year.

Now let’s have a look at the price you will have to pay for this experience would be approximately around – Rs.60000-75000 in terms of Indian currency. Otherwise its $1000-$1200.

Let’s welcome the coming year with a smile on your face which has a lot for you in its gift pouch!!